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Meet our Pastor

Pastor Mike Auen - I was born and raised in Brentwood, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After earning an Associates Degree from Penn Technical Institute, I migrated to Waynesboro, Virginia in April of 1973. There I landed a technician job with the General Electric Company at the age of 19. I continued to work with GE/Genicom for 29 years till the Lord called me into full time ministry in 2002. After serving a few years in an associate pastor capacity at another church, I started serving Beech Grove Church as lead pastor on October 21, 2007. And I am still there today!
I wasn't saved while sitting in a church. I was saved while working at Genicom at a lunch Bible study. I was 40 years old. I was led to the Lord through the witnessing of a coworker. That's when my life changed. I then began reading and studying my Bible with a relentless passion to know the truth.
My theological beliefs are very conservative. There is not one liberal bone in my body. I listen to, study, and preach with a slant towards reformed theology. Some may think that makes my preaching old, boring, and out-of-date. I prefer to think of it as sound, relevant, and Biblical. I refuse to hop on the bus of the new and improved way to do Christianity. If that is what you are looking for in a church, you have the wrong church and you have the wrong pastor. I do not need anything new and I preach nothing new. Everything I need for sound doctrine I have right here in my Bible. It has worked for centuries and it will work today. Therefore I preach a God-centered theology. It's not about what we are or what we can get. It's about who He is and what we can give. Understanding God must be central to the Christian faith.
The men who continue to influence me the most in my theological walk are John MacArthur (GRACE TO YOU), RC Sproul (LIGONIER MINISTRIES), Chris Rosebrough (FIGHTING FOR THE FAITH), Justin Peters (JUSTIN PETERS MINISTRIES), Voddie Baucham (VODDIE BAUCHAM MINISTRIES), and Paul Washer (HEARTCRY MISSIONARY SOCIETY). I also enjoy watching Doreen Virtue's (DOREEN VIRTUE) YouTube interviews.
I do not concern myself with the number of people attending Beech Grove Church. Jesus says in MATTHEW 16:18 that He will build the church on the rock of the gospel message. Therefore my concern must be with the truth of the theology that I preach and teach. I have come to the understanding that my human wisdom and cleverness of marketing the gospel to increase church growth will never work. So I will continue to work on the depth of truths I preach and Jesus will continue to take care of the breadth of the people who show up.
My wife Gail and I have been married since 1976. Gail is retired and loves designing and making quilts. We also have 2 children. Our son Corey and his wife Charlotte live in Dallas, Texas. Corey is a professor at Dallas Christian College. Our daughter Carrie and her husband Kevin live in Lynchburg, Virginia. Carrie is the assistant director of the Financial Aid department at The University of Lynchburg.
I am a big fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL hockey team (5x Stanley Cup champs) and the Pittsburgh Pirates. I love old cars from the 50s and 60s. I have a home music recording studio where I record original songs I have written over the years and also covers of other songs. I post my completed work on YouTube under the YouTube Channel of DiggingUpThePast. And I just might try taking up golf (when I can find time) to see if I can actually break 90!
My ministry at Beech Grove Christian Church would not be possible without the influence of some good people on my journey. My wife Gail - for asking me to go to church when I was not a church-going man. Jim Driscoll - for sharing the gospel with me at a Bible study. He was there when my eyes were opened to the truth. My son Corey - my trusted sounding board for great direction to all my deep theological questions. My congregation at BGCC - they love me and I love them.
I strive to do one thing - to bring the truth of God's Word to my people each and every Sunday. Why? Because the TRUTH matters.
Michael M. Auen Pastor of Beech Grove Christian Church
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