Vol VI   No. VI About 2,000 Years Ago Price: 1/16 Denarius  

Tempers Flare At Temple Courts

Man Makes Whip and Causes Havoc As Jewish Feast Nears
   (JOHN 2:13-22) It may have taken Rome 46 years to erect the great temple (and it is still under construction), but it only took several minutes for one man to cause a disturbance in the temple like this area has never seen before.
   Every year during this month of Nisan, Jerusalem is packed with Jews who come from every corner of the earth to celebrate their Passover feast. Jewish tradition commands every male 12 years of age and older to sacrifice certain animals at this temple. Some Jews cannot bring their animals a great distance. So to accomodate these people, there are always helpful money changers in the outer courts of the temple to sell them an animal in exchange for a fair coinage amount.
   "I was just sitting here doing business as usual, when this man brandishes a whip and begins to push over our tables. That's why you see animals running everywhere and coins strewn all over the temple floor," said one money changer. "You try to run an honest business and this is what happens. Then the guy had the nerve to tell us to get out. Hateful. That's all I can say. He was hateful."
   Most of the Jews present appeared to be outraged at the man's antics. "We asked him by what authority was he doing these things," said one local Jewish man. "And he responded with something about a den of thieves and rebuilding the temple in three days. If you ask me, the man's insane. And he better hope to god that he never comes back this way again."
   It has been reported that the clean up of the temple was swift as the money changers were eager to get back to business.
(coins from money changers strewn across temple floor)
Voices, Lightning, And A Bird Surround River Man
   (MATTHEW 3:13-17) John the River Man seems to cause excitement of all kinds whenever he's in the river baptizing. In a recent event, immediately after the baptism of one man, a loud voice was heard and then lightning and a bird appeared out of nowhere.
   "The voice and the lightning, they both happened at the same time," said a young woman waiting there to be baptized. "And then a dove flew down and rested on the man John had just baptized. It certainly sent a chill through me. and I believe the voice I heard was the voice of God."
   Nobody knows who this magic man was whose presence seems to have initiated the voice, the lightning, and the dove. But maybe he will perform his magic show somewhere near and sometime soon. We will be keeping you posted.
Miracle Reported At Cana
   (JOHN 2:1-12) Wedding celebrations happen all the time in this area. Recently one such celebration at Cana of Galilee was one the guests say they will never forget.
   "The wine had run out and we were all getting bored and upset," said one attendee.
   But guests say that shortly after the wine gave out, the 'miraculous' kicked in.
   "Then the wine started flowing again, and this time it was the good stuff," said one servant. "I have never known my master to keep the best till the end."
   When the headwaiter was questioned, he simply said that a miracle happened. "Some man told me to fill the jars with water. So I did. Next thing I know the water was now the finest wine I ever tasted."
   When questioned who the man may have been, the headwaiter said he didn't know. "But he was hanging around some fishermen from Galilee."

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