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Pharisee Gets Schooled

Jewish Leader Learns Lesson from New Kid in Town
   (JOHN 3:1-21) The Jewish ruling authorities, better known as the Sanhedrin, may have met their match for knowledge of their teachings. There appears to be a new kid in town who has, to say the least, aroused their curiosity.
   A man by the name of Jesus, from the small town of Nazareth, seems to have captured the attention of many Jewish leaders. The authorities have concluded that this same man, Jesus, was the one who recently performed the miraculous by turning water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana. And reportedly "the very best wine" at that.
   A prominent Pharisee by the name of Nicodemus visited Jesus two nights ago with questions about his presence and purpose. "Here he is, in Jerusalem, on our turf, and I was just curious about who he was, considering he performed this "miracle" in Cana. I make one simple statement to him and in return I received this lecture on truths about the Law that, as a teacher in Israel, he claims I should have known."
   But according to Nicodemus, he received the rebuke very favorably. "His words of rebuke were gentle and kind so I took no offense to them. Actually he made me reconsider what I have known and been teaching my entire life. He challenged me about birth and the Spirit, love and life, belief and condemnation. evil and light."
   Even though this encounter may have been amicable for one Pharisee, we are all aware of the position taken by this Jewish ruling class. They take exception when anyone tries to school them on thier beliefs. It will be interesting to see if this man, Jesus of Nazareth, will remain in the area; and if he does, how the rest of the Jewish ruling class will receive him.
   But for now, there is one "schooled" Pharisee that has much to think about.
(photo courtesy of Sanhedrin alumni foundation)
Herod Keeps Promise Concerning River Man
   (MARK 1:14) Herod Antipas once said he would take action against "John the River Nuisance" because of words that were spoken against him. We now know Herod is a man of his word. John the River Man has been imprisoned by Herod.
   What words did John the River Man speak? It appears that John was upset over the fact that Herod Antipas talked Herodius into marrying him while she was still married to his brother, Philip. Did we say that Herod Antipas was Herodius' uncle, the brother of her father?
   Obviously John the River Man is not a fan of incest, adultery, or divorce. Perhaps Herod is thinking that a little prison time will make John rethink his values.
Samaritan Woman Meets Prophet
   (JOHN 4:7-26) One Samaritan woman recently had a conversation with a Jewish man that makes her believe she was speaking with a prophet.
   "Well, at first I couldn't believe he would actually speak to me, him being a Jewish man and I a Samaritan woman," said the woman who insisted she remain anonymous.
   When asked the exact nature of the personal prophetic information he knew about her, the woman was reluctant to respond.
   "But I will say this. He did speak to me about being thirsty and something about living water. I didn't understand at first, but then he spoke things about me that he could not have possibly known. Then he said he was the Messiah who is to come. When his friends showed up I went back to my home."
   At this point the woman refused to answer any further questions from this reporter only saying she had an urgent and private issue to resolve.

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