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Eastern Astrologers Visit Jerusalem

Travelers Say They Arrive Seeking "King Of The Jews"
   (MATTHEW 2:1-12) A group of travellers from the east who describe themselves as astrologers, or magi, have recently caused a little excitement and possibly concern in the city of Jerusalem when they said they were looking for the one born "king of the Jews." This question went right to the top and stirred the interest of King Herod himself. It was reported that an excited Herod immediately summoned the chief priests and scribes from the Jews and inquired about this event.
   "I needed to know the facts and the truth," Herod said. "The leaders from the Jews informed me that their religion speaks of a messiah that will one day come. And this messiah would be born in Bethlehem. So I assume this messiah they speak of could also be this king that was born that our eastern visitors are searching for."
   It has also been reported that Herod secretly met with these astrologers and relayed this information to them. Those close to Herod have said that he (Herod) is extremely interested in finding this king so he can worship him too along with others just as excited about this birth.
   What makes this story interesting is that this group of astrologers were last seen headed for Bethlehem but have not been seen or heard of since. King Herod, however, is expecting them back any day now with the news of exactly where this "king" may be found. "I can't wait to hear back from our eastern visitors with the exact location of this child," said Herod with a hugh smile on his face. "I have something very special planned for him."
(King Herod Waiting for Magi Visitors)
Don't Forget Circumcision And Dedication
   With all this news about births in the area, the Jewish leaders wanted to remind all new parents what the Mosaic Law says about firstborn males, circumcision, and dedication.
   "It is important we Jews follow the Law to the letter," said one Pharisee. "A male child shall be circumcized on the 8th day with no exceptions! And the firstborn male shall be dedicated to the Lord. These things must be done. If young parents are not sure of what the Law says about these issues, they need to seek out a Pharisee. We know all the truth about what the Scriptures say and we can help."
   If you are a new parent and need help with this issue, simply go to your local synagogue and ask your synagogue leader how to find a Pharisee near you.
Local Shepherds Have Night To Remember
   (LUKE 2:8-20) Shepherds never claim to be special. But several shepherds who were watching their flock just outside Bethlehem insist they had a night they will never forget. And to them that makes them special.
   The eldest, one named Zechiah who spoke for the group, told a story of how he (Zechiah) and the rest of his fellow shepherds had a visit and then a concert by a host of angels. "It was amazing," said Zechiah about the angel vision. "They told us not to be afraid (but we were) and then gave us the news about the birth of the Christ in Bethlehem. Then they started singing and the sound of their voices just echoed off the mountains. It was awesome!"
   When asked about this "Christ" Zechiah added, "Oh yes we found him, just like the angel told us. The child's mother just smiled at us and the father had tears in his eyes yet appeared to be in a daze. The mother said they would give the baby the name Jesus."
   Locals say afterwards these shepherds went through the streets shouting. "They must of had too much wine. I couldn't wait till they left the area," said one resident. "They were keeping everyone in town awake. Scum like that needs to go back to their fields where they belong."

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