Vol VI   No. II About 2,000 Years Ago Price: 1/16 Denarius  

Two People Claim Angel Encounter

Angel Tells Man To Marry Pregnant Girlfriend
   (MATTHEW 1:18-25) Joseph, a humble man from the small town of Nazareth, has informed some close friends that he had a visit from an angel and that this angel told him to marry his bethrothed, a woman named Mary, also from Nazareth. But complicating this situation is the fact that Mary is with child and it does not appear that Joseph is the father.
   "I know what this looks like to everyone," Joseph told reporters. "But I am going to do what's right."
   But a representative from the Sanhedrin had a different view. "If Joseph is not the father then this girl is an adulteress!" shouted one of the Pharisee leaders. "According to the Law women like that should be stoned."
   But Joseph remained steadfast and insisted he would take care of the situation himself. He would not comment directly concerning the angel encounter but smiled and assured us that this dilemma was in the hands of God and that God would turn it into something life-changing.
(artist rendition of angel visit)
Sadducees Scoff At Angel "Nonsense"
   When the Sadducee sect of the Sanhedrin was asked about these angel encounters, one of them remarked, "This is outrageous, ridiculous, and total nonsense. Everyone knows there are no such things as angels. These people say these things solely to bring attention to themselves. They just want their fifteen minutes of fame."
   The Pharisees, who theologically oppose the Sadducees, had this rebuttal: "They (the Sadducees) don't believe in a resurrection either. But someday they will find that to be true too."
Man Goes Mute After Angel Visit At Temple
   (LUKE 1:5-25) Zacharias (Zechariah), a priest from the division of Abijah, went to Jerusalem to fulfill his priestly service at the temple. Witnesses, who were praying outside the temple, say he entered the temple without incident but when he came out he was unable to speak. They claim he made signs to them signifying he had an encounter of some sort with an angel inside the temple.
   "We all knew he saw a vision of some kind in there," one bystander remarked. "But he appeared rather peaceful for a man who just had an encounter with an angel."
   Zacharias was unavailable for comment but the prayer warriors outside the temple said he signaled to them that we was OK and that he had some important business to take care of back home.

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