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Bible Jeopardy 2021

Book reading order this year: 1 SAMUEL; 2 SAMUEL; 1 KINGS; 2 KINGS; 1 CHRONICLES; 2 CHRONICLES.

Week:  January 3 - 9
Scripture Reading:  1 SAMUEL 12:1 - 16:23
Question 1:  Jonathan, Ishvi, Malchi-shua, Merab and Michal.  What are the names of King Saulís 5 children? (1 SAMUEL 14:49)
Question 2:  This son of Saul went into battle without telling his father.  Who is Jonathan? (1 SAMUEL 14:1)
Question 3:  Saul was to utterly destroy everything of the Amalekites, but he spared the life of this man.  Who is King Agag? (1 SAMUEL 15:9)
Question 4:  Since this trade could not be found in Israel, the Israelites went elsewhere to have their weapons sharpened.  What is a blacksmith? (1 SAMUEL 13:19)
Question 5:  The age of Saul when he began to reign over Israel.  What is 30? (1 SAMUEL 13:1)

Week:  January 10 - 16
Scripture Reading:  1 SAMUEL 17:1 - 20:23
Question 1:  This was the hometown of Goliath, the Philistine giant.  What is Gath? (1 SAMUEL 17:4)
Question 2:  David had seven brothers and this man was his father.  Who is Jesse? (1 SAMUEL 17:12)
Question 3:  The adjective David used to describe Goliath, the Philistine who taunted the armies of the living God.  What is uncircumcised? (1 SAMUEL 17:26)
Question 4:  Saul looked at David with suspicion because the women of Israel came out and were saying this.  What is ďSaul has slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands.Ē (1 SAMUEL 18:8-9)
Question 5:  David put these in his shepherdís bag as he went out to challenge Goliath.  What are five smooth stones? (1 SAMUEL 17:40)

Week:  January 17 - 23
Scripture Reading:  1 SAMUEL 20:24 - 25:22
Question 1:  This man escaped the slaughter of his family and fled after David.  Who is Abiathar? (1 SAMUEL 22:20)
Question 2:  This man attacked the priests and killed 85 men who wore the ephod.  Who is Doeg the Edomite? (1 SAMUEL 22:18)
Question 3:  The priest gave David this kind of bread for there was no ordinary bread to be found.  What is consecrated bread? (1 SAMUEL 21:6)
Question 4:  This very rich man whose business was in Carmel was a Calebite and was harsh and evil in his dealings.  Who is Nabal? (1 SAMUEL 25:2-3)
Question 5:  David took this weapon with him to visit Achish, the king of Gath.  What is the sword of Goliath? (1 SAMUEL 21:9)

Week:  January 24 - 30
Scripture Reading:  1 SAMUEL 25:23 - 30:31
Question 1:  Saul asked the woman at En-Dor to bring up the spirit of this dead man.  Who is Samuel? (1 SAMUEL 28:11)
Question 2:  David took refuge in this city so Saul would not pursue him.  What is Gath? (1 SAMUEL 27:3)
Question 3:  After getting drunk and having a conversation with his wife, this happened to Nabal ten days later.  What is the Lord struck him dead? (1 SAMUEL 23:36-38)
Question 4:  When Saul inquired of the Lord and the Lord did not answer, he sought a woman of this profession.  What is a medium? (1 SAMUEL 28:6-7)
Question 5:  As Saul was sleeping in camp, David took these two items from him.  What are his spear and a jug of water? (1 SAMUEL 26:11)

Week:  January 31 - February 6
Scripture Reading:  CHURCH CLOSED - SNOW

Week:  February 7 - 13
Scripture Reading:  1 SAMUEL 31:1 - 2 SAMUEL 4:12
Question 1:  The fate of Rechab and Baanah for killing Ish-bosheth.  What is they were killed by Davidís command? (2 SAMUEL 4:12)
Question 2:  These two men killed Abner, the captain of Saulís army.  Who are Joab and Abishai his brother? (2 SAMUEL 3:30)
Question 3:  The bones of Saul and his sons were buried under this type of tree in this city.  What is a tamarisk tree at Jabesh? (1 SAMUEL 31:13)
Question 4:  A young Amalekite man took these two items from Saulís dead body and brought them to David.  What are his crown and a bracelet? (2 SAMUEL 1:10)
Question 5:  The city in which David was anointed king over the house of Judah.  What is Hebron? (2 SAMUEL 2:1-4)

Week:  February 14 - 20
Scripture Reading:  2 SAMUEL 5:1 - 10:19
Question 1:  This man paid a fatal price for touching the ark.  Who is Uzzah? (2 SAMUEL 6:6-7)
Question 2:  This wife of King David had no child to the day of her death.  Who is Michal, the daughter of Saul? (2 SAMUEL 6:23)
Question 3:  This son of Jonathan was lame in both feet and ate at the table of King David regularly.  Who is Mephibosheth? (2 SAMUEL 9:13)
Question 4:  David was unwilling to move the Ark so it remained at this manís house for three months.  Who is Obed-edom, the Gittite? (2 SAMUEL 6:10-11)
Question 5:  The number of years King David reigned over Israel and Judah.  What is 33 years? (2 SAMUEL 5:1-4)

Week:  February 21 - 27
Scripture Reading:  2 SAMUEL 11:1 - 14:33
Question 1:  This son of David had Amnon killed because he violated his sister.  Who is Absalom? (2 SAMUEL 13:28)
Question 2:  A story of a poor man and his ewe lamb was told to David by this man.  Who is Nathan the Prophet? (2 SAMUEL 12:1-4)
Question 3:  The first four words spoken by Nathan to David after Nathan tells the story of the rich man and the traveler.  What are ďYou are the manĒ? (2 SAMUEL 12:7)
Question 4:  This husband of Bathsheba was put in the front lines of the fiercest battle and was killed.  Who is Uriah the Hittite? (2 SAMUEL 11:3,14)
Question 5:  The weight of Absalomís hair when he had it cut.  What is 200 shekels (about 5 lbs.)? (2 SAMUEL 14:26)

Week:  February 28 - March 6
Scripture Reading:  2 SAMUEL 15:1 - 18:33
Question 1:  When Ahithophelís counsel was not followed, he went home and did this.  What is he strangled himself? (2 SAMUEL 17:23)
Question 2:  These two priests returned the Ark of God to Jerusalem.  Who are Zadok and Abiathar? (2 SAMUEL 15:29)
Question 3:  This man advised Absalom not to follow the counsel of Ahithophel to pursue King David.  Who is Hushai? (2 SAMUEL 17:7)
Question 4:  This man gave Absalom some very immoral advice concerning the concubines of his father, King David.  Who is Ahithophel? (2 SAMUEL 16:20)
Question 5:  This body part of Absalom would lead to his death.  What is his head (caught in oak tree)? (2 SAMUEL 18:9)

Week:  March 7 - 13
Scripture Reading:  2 SAMUEL 19:1 - 22:51
Question 1:  This 80-year-old man went to escort King David across the Jordan River.  Who is Barzillai the Gileadite? (2 SAMUEL 19:31)
Question 2:  This man was over the forced labor in Israel.  Who is Adoram? (2 SAMUEL 20:24)
Question 3:  The two sons of Rizpah the daughter of Aiah and the five sons of Merab the daughter of Saul met this fate.  What is they were hanged by the Gibeonites? (2 SAMUEL 21:8-9)
Question 4:  Joab took this man by the beard and then thrust his sword into his belly and killed him.  Who is Amasa? (2 SAMUEL 20:10)
Question 5:  King David had the bones of Saul and Jonathan buried in this city.  What is Zela? (2 SAMUEL 21:14)

Week:  March 14 - 20
Scripture Reading:  2 SAMUEL 23:1 - 1 KINGS 2:18
Question 1:  When pestilence came upon Israel, this many men died.  What is 70,000? (2 SAMUEL 24:15)
Question 2:  King Davidís census resulted in this many valiant men in Israel and Judah.  What is 1.3 million? (2 SAMUEL 24:9)
Question 3:  This handsome son of King David and Haggith, decided to make himself king over Israel.  Who is Adonijah? (1 KINGS 1:5)
Question 4:  Seven years of famine in the land, three months of fleeing from his foes, or three days of pestilence in the land.  What were Davidís punishment choices? (2 SAMUEL 24:13)
Question 5:  This man struck the Philistines until his hand was weary.  Who is Eleazar the son of Dodo? (2 SAMUEL 23:9-10)

Week:  March 21 - 27
Scripture Reading:  1 KINGS 2:19 - 6:22
Question 1:  Solomon sent Benaiah to kill these two men.  Who are Adonijah, Joab, and Shimei? (1 KINGS 2:25,34,46)
Question 2:  In Naphtali, Ahimaaz married this daughter of Solomon.  Who is Basemath? (1 KINGS 4:15)
Question 3:  King Hiram of Tyre gave this to Solomon and in exchange Solomon gave this to King Hiram.  What is timber for food? (1 KINGS 5:10-11)
Question 4:  Since there was no temple built to the Lord, Solomon offered burnt offerings on the altar at this high place.  What is Gibeon? (1 KINGS 3:4)
Question 5:  Solomon had reigned this many years when he began to build the temple.  What is four years? (1 KINGS 6:1)

Week:  March 28 - April 3
Scripture Reading:  1 KINGS 6:23 - 8:66
Question 1:  This structure totaled 150,000 cubic cubits once complete.  What is Solomonís house? (1 KINGS 7:2)
Question 2:  The number of years it took Solomon to build the temple.  What is seven? (1 KINGS 6:38)
Question 3:  On the day the temple was dedicated, the Ark of the Covenant contained these two items.  What are the two tablets of stone? (1 KINGS 8:9)
Question 4:  Solomon sent for this man from Tyre to do all his bronze work for the temple fixtures.  Who is Hiram? (1 KINGS 7:13)
Question 5:  When the priests left the holy place, this filled the house of the Lord.  What is the glory (cloud) of the Lord? (1 KINGS 8:10-11)

Week:  April 4 - 10
Scripture Reading:  1 KINGS 9:1 - 12:33
Question 1:  After Solomonís death, this son of Solomon reigned in his place.  Who is Rehoboam? (1 KINGS 11:43)
Question 2:  These individuals turned Solomonís heart away from God.  What are his wives? (1 KINGS 11:3)
Question 3:  The Queen of Sheba gave Solomon 120 talents of gold, along with a very great amount of these two items.  What are spices and precious stones? (1 KINGS 10:10)
Question 4:  Once the kingdom split between Rehoboam and Jeroboam, only these two tribes belonged to Rehoboam.  What are Judah and Benjamin? (1 KINGS 12:23)
Question 5:  Solomon built a high place for these two detestable idols.  Who are Chemosh and Molech? (1 KINGS 11:7)

Week:  May 2 - 8
Scripture Reading:  1 KINGS 13:1 - 16:14
Question 1:  This son of Ahijah killed Nadab the king of Israel at Gebbethon.  Who is Baasha? (1 KINGS 15:27)
Question 2:  The age of Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, when he became king.  What is 41? (1 KINGS 14:21)
Question 3:  The wife of Jeroboam was sent to visit this prophet in Shiloh concerning the health of her son.  Who is Ahijah? (1 KINGS 14:2)
Question 4:  He was the great-grandson of King David and reigned as king in Judah for 41 years.  Who is Asa? (1 KINGS 15:10)
Question 5:  This wife of Solomon was the mother of Rehoboam.  Who is Naamah the Ammonitess? (1 KINGS 14:21)

Week:  May 9 - 15
Scripture Reading:  1 KINGS 16:15 - 20:43
Question 1:  This man would be anointed the prophet to replace Elijah.  Who is Elisha the son of Shaphat? (1 KINGS 19:16)
Question 2:  These birds would bring Elijah bread and meat every morning and evening.  What are ravens? (1 KINGS 17:6)
Question 3:  As the Lord passed by the mountain, He was not in these three events of nature.  What are the wind, earthquake, or fire? (1 KINGS 19:11-12)
Question 4:  This man, when he saw that the city was taken, burned the kingís house over himself with fire and died.  Who is Zimri? (1 KINGS 16:18)
Question 5:  The showdown between Elijah and Baalís 450 prophets occurred here.  What is Mount Carmel? (1 KINGS 18:20-40)

Week:  May 16 - 22
Scripture Reading:  1 KINGS 21:1 - 2 KINGS 2:14
Question 1:  Jezebel came up with a plot to take this manís vineyard.  Who is Naboth? (1 KINGS 21:9-10)
Question 2:  This son of Ahab became king of Israel but only reigned two years.  Who is Ahaziah? (1 KINGS 22:51)
Question 3:  After crossing the Jordan River on dry ground, Elijah was taken up into heaven by this.  What is a chariot of fire? (2 KINGS 2:11)
Question 4:  When the Kingís captain and fifty men went to confront Elijah, they all met their fate by this.  What is fire from heaven? (2 KINGS 1:10)
Question 5:  According to the Word of the Lord, King Ahaziah would die on this.  What is his bed? (2 KINGS 1:4)

Week:  May 23 - 29
Scripture Reading:  2 KINGS 2:15 - 5:27
Question 1:  This king of Moab broke his promise with the king of Israel inciting war.  Who is Mesha? (2 KINGS 3:4-7)
Question 2:  A widow filled jars of this substance to sell and then repay her debt.  What is oil? (2 KINGS 4:5)
Question 3:  A man from Baal-shalishah brought 20 loaves of barley and fresh grain and fed this many people with it.  What is 100? (2 KINGS 4:42-43)
Question 4:  Two female bears tore up forty two boys because the boys had called Elisha this.  What is baldhead? (2 KINGS 2:23-24)
Question 5:  This man was told to take seven dips in the Jordan River.  Who is Naaman? (2 KINGS 5:10)

Week:  May 30 - June 5
Scripture Reading:  2 KINGS 6:1 - 9:37
Question 1:  This woman suffered her final fate according to the prophecy of Elijah.  Who is Jezebel? (2 KINGS 9:36)
Question 2:  Jehoram became king of Judah and reigned this many years in Jerusalem.  What is 18? (2 KINGS 8:17)
Question 3:  This heavy object fell into the water. But Elisha cut off a stick, threw it in the water, and made this object float.  What is an axe head? (2 KINGS 6:6)
Question 4:  The siege by the Aramians and the famine in Samaria was so great, this unthinkable practice began.  What is cannibalism? (2 KINGS 6:29)
Question 5:  Ahaziah went with Joram son of Ahab to war against this king of Aram.  Who is King Hazael? (2 KINGS 8:28)

Week:  June 6 - 12
Scripture Reading:  2 KINGS 10:1 - 14:14
Question 1:  The number of years which Jehu reigned over Israel in Samaria.  What is 28? (2 KINGS 10:36)
Question 2:  Jehoash was this very young age when he became king.  What is 7 years old? (2 KINGS 11:21)
Question 3:  Jehosheba stole this young boy and hid him away for six years to keep him from certain death.  Who is Joash? (2 KINGS 11:2)
Question 4:  When Amaziah became king, he did right in the sight of the Lord except he did not do this.  What is the high places were not taken away? (2 KINGS 14:3-4)
Question 5:  Jehoash tore down this length of the wall around Jerusalem.  What is 400 cubits (600 feet)? (2 KINGS 14:13)

Week:  June 13 - 19
Scripture Reading:  2 KINGS 14:15 - 18:18
Question 1:  This king, the son of Ahaz and Abi, did right in the sight of the Lord.  Who is Hezekiah? (2 KINGS 18:1-4)
Question 2:  This man killed Zechariah and reigned in his place, but only for one month.  Who is Shallum? (2 KINGS 15:10)
Question 3:  Araziah died at the age of 68 with this terrible disease which made him live in a separate house.  What is leprosy? (2 KINGS 15:5)
Question 4:  This Assyrian king captured Samaria and carried Israel away into exile and settled them in Halah and Habor.  Who is Shalmaneser? (2 KINGS 17:6)
Question 5:  The age or Araziah when he became king after his father Amaziah.  What is 16? (2 KINGS 14:21)

Week:  June 20 - 26
Scripture Reading:  2 KINGS 18:19 - 22:20
Question 1:  The king of Assyria sent this man to threaten King Hezekiah.  Who is Rabshakeh? (2 KINGS 18:19-35)
Question 2:  The son of the king of Babylon saw this courtesy of Hezekiah.  What are King Hezekiahís treasures? (2 KINGS 20:12-13)
Question 3:  Hezekiahís prayer was answered by God through the words of this godly prophet.  Who is Isaiah? (2 KINGS 19:20)
Question 4:  Because of Hezekiahís fervent prayer, he was healed and lived this many more years.  What is 15 more years? (2 KINGS 20:6)
Question 5:  The angel of the Lord struck down and killed this many Assyrian men.  What is 185,000? (2 KINGS 19:35)

Week:  June 27 - July 3
Scripture Reading:  2 KINGS 23:1 - 1 CHRONICLES 1:54
Question 1:  This king of Judah brought a serious and positive reform to the land.  Who is Josiah? (2 KINGS 23:1-20)
Question 2:  Unlike his father Josiah, this man did evil in the sight of the Lord.  Who is Eliakim (Jehoiakim)? (2 KINGS 23:37)
Question 4:  This king of Babylon put the city of Jerusalem under siege and carried away all the treasures of the Lord.  Who is Nebuchadnezzar? (2 KINGS 24:10-13)
Question 3:  In the eighteenth year of King Josiah, this was observed to the Lord in Jerusalem.  What is Passover? (2 KINGS 23:23)
Question 5:  This king from this country was responsible for killing King Josiah.  Who was Pharaoh Neco of Egypt? (2 KINGS 23:29)

Week:  July 11 - 17
Scripture Reading:  1 CHRONICLES 2:1 - 6:30
Question 1:  The name of the only daughter fathered by King David.  Who is Tamar? (1 CHRONICLES 3:1-9)
Question 2:  Gershom, Kohath and Merari were the only sons of this tribe of Israel.  Who is Levi? (1 CHRONICLES 6:1)
Question 4:  David, the son of Jesse, who would later become king of Israel, was one of this many children.  What is 9 (6 brothers and 2 sisters)? (1 CHRONICLES 2:13-16)
Question 3:  From the sons of this son of Jacob, 500 men went to Mount Seir and destroyed the Amalekites.  Who is Simeon? (1 CHRONICLES 4:42-43)
Question 5:  This firstborn son of Israel defiled his fatherís bed.  Who is Reuben? (1 CHRONICLES 5:1)

Week:  July 18 - 24
Scripture Reading:  1 CHRONICLES 6:31 - 9:27
Question 1:  Bela, Becher, and Jediael were the sons of this tribe of Israel.  Who is Benjamin? (1 CHRONICLES 7:6)
Question 2:  Jahziel, Guni, Jezer, and Shallum were the sons of this tribe of Israel.  Who is Naphtali? (1 CHRONICLES 7:13)
Question 4:  Imnah, Ishvah, Ishvi, Beriah, and Serah were the five children of this tribe of Israel.  Who is Asher? (1 CHRONICLES 7:30)
Question 3:  Some of the sons of Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim, and Manasseh were the first to live in this city.  What is Jerusalem? (1 CHRONICLES 9:3)
Question 5:  Tola, Puah, Jashub, and Shimron were the sons of this tribe of Israel.  Who is Issachar? (1 CHRONICLES 7:1)

Week:  July 25 - 31
Scripture Reading:  1 CHRONICLES 9:28 - 13:14
Question 1:  The Ark remained with the family of Obed-edom for this period of time.  
Question 2:  The Jebusites inhabited this land and would not allow David to enter.  
Question 4:  David assembled all Israel together to bring this valuable object back from Kiriath-jearim.  
Question 3:  Saul died because of the word of the Lord which he did not keep and this second reason.  
Question 5:  The Philistines found Saul and his sons fallen at this place.  
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