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Below are our jeopardy questions and answers in 2020.  Book reading order this year: GENESIS; EXODUS.
... Pastor Mike

Week:  December 29 - January 4
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 15:1 - 21:34
Question 1:  Without a child, this man would be the heir to Abram’s estate.  Who is Eliezer of Damascus? (GENESIS 15:2)
Question 2:  The perverse origin of the Moabites and Ammonites.  What was an immoral relationship between Lot and his daughters? (GENESIS 19:32-38)
Question 3:  The sign of the covenant between God and Abraham and the son through which it passes.  What is circumcision and who is Isaac? (GENESIS 17:10;21)
Question 4:  This king of Gerar took Sarah believing she was the sister of Abraham and not his wife.  Who is Abimelech? (GENESIS 20:2)
Question 5:  He was the firstborn son of Abram, but not by Sarai.  Who is Ishmael? (GENESIS 16:15)

Week:  January 5 - 11
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 22:1 - 25:34
Question 1:  Isaac loved this son while Rebekah loved this other son.  Who are Esau (Isaac) and Jacob (Rebekah)? (GENESIS 25:28)
Question 2:  Abraham sent Eliezer to this city to find a wife for Isaac.  What is Nahor? (GENESIS 24:10)
Question 3:  Isaac noticed the fire and the wood for the burnt offering, but not this third ingredient.  What is the lamb? (GENESIS 22:7)
Question 4:  Abraham negotiated with this man for a place to bury his wife Sarah.  Who is Ephron? (GENESIS 23:8-16)
Question 5:  These two men buried Abraham in the cave of Machpelah.  Who are Isaac and Ishmael? (GENESIS 25:9)

Week:  January 12 - 18
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 26:1 - 29:35
Question 1:  When Esau was 46 years old, he married these two women.  Who is Judith and Basemath? (GENESIS 26:34)
Question 2:  The place where Jacob had a dream about a ladder.  What is Bethel (Luz)? (GENESIS 28:19)
Question 3:  Jacob, through deceit planned by Rebekah, stole this from his brother Esau.  What is his father’s blessing? (GENESIS 27:5-29)
Question 4:  Jacob worked 7 years for Laban so he could marry Rachel, but first ended up with this sister.  Who is Leah? (GENESIS 29:23-25)
Question 5:  Rebekah insisted Jacob go to this place to flee Esau’s death threats.  What is Haran (Rebekah’s homeplace)? (GENESIS 27:43)

Week:  January 19 - 25
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 30:1 - 33:20
Question 1:  Dan, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher.  Who were the sons of the maids Bilhah and Zilpah? (GENESIS 30:5-13)
Question 2:  The number of men Esau brought with him to meet Jacob.  What is 400? (GENESIS 33:1)
Question 3:  Jacob wrestled with the Lord and the Lord changed Jacob’s name to this.  What is Israel? (GENESIS 32:28)
Question 4:  To conceal the stolen gods, Rachel hid them in this and then did this while Laban searched.  What is a camel’s saddle and then she sat on it? (GENESIS 31:34)
Question 5:  Before fleeing to Canaan, Rachel stole these from her father.  What are his household gods? (GENESIS 31:19)

Week:  January 26 - February 1
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 34:1 - 37:36
Question 1:  The one brother who did not want Joseph to be killed.  Who is Reuben? (GENESIS 37:21-22)
Question 2:  This man raped Dinah then wanted her as his wife.  Who is Shechem? (GENESIS 34:4)
Question 3:  The people to whom Joseph’s brothers sold him and the place where he was taken.  Who are Midianite merchants and what is Egypt? (GENESIS 37:28)
Question 4:  Sheaves of grain out in the field; the sun and the moon and eleven stars.  What are the subjects of Joseph’s dreams? (GENESIS 37:6-9)
Question 5:  The age of Isaac when he breathed his last.  What is 180 years old? (GENESIS 35:28-29)

Week:  February 2 - 8
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 38:1 - 41:57
Question 1:  Potiphar left Joseph in charge of everything except this.  What is the food that he ate? (GENESIS 39:6)
Question 2:  The percentage exacted during the seven years of abundance.  What is 20% (a fifth)? (GENESIS 41:34)
Question 3:  The name of the harlot who turned out to be Judah’s daughter-in-law.  Who is Tamar? (GENESIS 38:6)
Question 4:  These two men were servants of the king and while in prison they both had dreams.  Who were the cupbearer and the baker? (GENESIS 40:8)
Question 5:  The day the Pharaoh had the baker hanged.  What is Pharaoh’s birthday? (GENESIS 40:20)

Week:  February 9 - 15
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 42:1 - 45:15
Question 1:  The Scripture verse when Joseph reveals himself to his brothers.  What is GENESIS 45:2? (GENESIS 45:2)
Question 2:  The one brother who did not travel to Egypt with the others.  Who is Benjamin? (GENESIS 42:4)
Question 3:  Upon returning home, Joseph had these two items placed in Benjamin’s sack.  What are Joseph’s silver cup and Benjamin’s money? (GENESIS 44:2)
Question 4:  When dining at Joseph’s home, the brothers were seated according to this arrangement.  What was according to age? (GENESIS 43:33)
Question 5:  The brother who remained in Egypt while the others returned.  Who is Simeon? (GENESIS 42:4)

Week:  February 16 - 22
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 45:16 - 49:18
Question 1:  The answer to be given when asked the brothers occupation.  What is keepers of livestock? (GENESIS 46:34)
Question 2:  The age of Jacob when he met Pharaoh.  What is 130? (GENESIS 47:9)
Question 3:  The number of persons from the house of Jacob who came to Egypt.  What is 70? (GENESIS 46:27)
Question 4:  According to Jacob’s blessing, this younger brother will be greater than the older brother.  Who is Ephraim? (GENESIS 48:19)
Question 5:  Benjamin received this along with five changes of garments.  What is 300 pieces of silver? (GENESIS 45:22)

Week:  February 23 - 29
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 49:19 - EXODUS 3:22
Question 1:  The occupation of the Hebrew women Shiphrah and Puah.  What is midwife? (EXODUS 1:15)
Question 2:  When Moses fled Egypt and the Pharaoh, he went to this land.  What is Midian? (EXODUS 2:15)
Question 3:  In the cave of the field of Machpelah before Mamre, which Abraham had bought.  Where was Jacob buried? (GENESIS 50:13)
Question 4:  Moses was commanded to do this because where he was standing was holy ground.  What is remove his sandals? (EXODUS 3:5)
Question 5:  The new king of Egypt afflicted the Israelites with this.  What is hard labor? (EXODUS 1:11)

Week:  March 1 - 7
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 4:1 - 7:25
Question 1:  This was the first of the ten plagues on Egypt.  What is the water of the Nile River turning to blood? (EXODUS 7:20)
Question 2:  Moses was God to Pharaoh, and this man would be his prophet.  Who is Aaron? (EXODUS 7:1)
Question 3:  Because of Pharaoh’s anger, the Israelites were to make bricks without this provided.  What is straw? (EXODUS 5:7)
Question 4:  A staff turns into a snake; Moses’ hand becomes leprous; Nile River water turns to blood.  What were the 3 signs the Lord gave to Moses? (EXODUS 4:1-9)
Question 5:  God will harden Pharaoh’s heart so that He may do this.  What is multiply His signs and wonders in Egypt? (EXODUS 7:3)

Week:  March 8 - 14
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 8:1 - 11:10
Question 1:  The first plague which did not affect the Israelites in Goshen.  What is the plague of the flies? (EXODUS 8:22)
Question 2:  God allowed Pharaoh to remain in order to show this.  What is His power? (EXODUS 9:16)
Question 3:  When Moses took soot from a kiln and threw it toward the sky, it introduced this plague.  What is the plague of boils? (EXODUS 9:8-9)
Question 4:  Just before this final plague, the Israelites asked their neighbors for articles of silver and gold.  What is the plague of the death of the firstborn? (EXODUS 11:2)
Question 5:  The plague was in the land of Egypt for three days.  What is the plague of darkness? (EXODUS 10:22)

Week:  March 15 - 21
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 12:1 - 15:27
Question 1:  No person with this physical trait may eat the Passover.  What is uncircumcised? (EXODUS 12:48)
Question 2:  In the Exodus, God was this by day and this by night.  What is pillar of cloud (day) and pillar of fire (night)? (EXODUS 13:21)
Question 3:  For seven days during the feast of Unleavened Bread, you shall not find this in the house.  What is leaven? (EXODUS 12:19)
Question 4:  GENESIS 15:13 prophesied this number of years. The actual number of years was this.  What is 400/430? (EXODUS 12:40)
Question 5:  The Passover lamb is to be eaten with these two sides.  What are unleavened bread and bitter herbs? (EXODUS 12:8)

Week:  April 12 - 18
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 16:1 - 20:17
Question 1:  God appeared to the Israelites in fire and smoke on this mountain.  What is Mount Sinai? (EXODUS 19:18)
Question 2:  Do not do this for the Lord your God is a jealous God.  What is make an idol for yourself? (EXODUS 20:4-5)
Question 3:  The unit of measurement of how much manna per person is to be accumulated daily.  What is an omer? (EXODUS 16:16)
Question 4:  These two men held up Moses’ hands while the Israelites battled Amalek.  Who were Aaron and Hur? (EXODUS 17:12)
Question 5:  This man gave Moses counsel on how to simplify judging disputes.  Who was Jethro (his father-in-law)? (EXODUS 18:17-23)

Week:  April 19 - 25
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 20:18 - 23:33
Question 1:  The penalty for sacrificing to any other god than to the Lord.  What is he shall be utterly destroyed? (EXODUS 22:20)
Question 2:  The altar Moses was to make was not to be built with these.  What are cut stones? (EXODUS 20:25)
Question 3:  Feast of the Unleavened Bread; Feast of the Harvest; Feast of the Ingathering.  What are the three feasts to be observed yearly to the Lord? (EXODUS 23:14-17)
Question 4:  If either of these two groups of people are afflicted, God will hear their cry and respond in anger.  Who are widows and orphans? (EXODUS 22:22-24)
Question 5:  It will certainly be a snare to the Israelites if they do this.  What is serve other gods? (EXODUS 23:33)

Week:  April 26 - May 2
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 24:1 - 28:21
Question 1:  The Court of the Tabernacle consisted of this many pillars.  What is 56? (EXODUS 27:9-15)
Question 2:  A specially-made tabernacle table would display this at all times.  What is the Bread of Presence? (EXODUS 25:30)
Question 3:  When Moses and the others went up the mountain, this appeared under the feet of God.  What is a pavement of sapphire? (EXODUS 24:10)
Question 4:  Aaron and his sons Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar would all minister as this to God.  What is a priest? (EXODUS 28:1)
Question 5:  The Ark of the Covenant would be made of this type of wood.  What is acacia wood? (EXODUS 25:10)

Week:  May 3 - 9
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 28:22 - 32:18
Question 1:  Whoever profanes this day will surely be put to death.  What is the Sabbath? (EXODUS 31:14)
Question 2:  This item would be hanging from the hem of Aaron’s robe.  What are bells of gold? (EXODUS 28:33)
Question 3:  This man was filled with the Spirit of God that he may work in all kinds of craftsmanship.  Who is Bezalel? (EXODUS 31:2-5)
Question 4:  The age at which one must begin to give a half-shekel contribution at census time.  What is 20 years of age? (EXODUS 30:14)
Question 5:  Aaron fashioned a golden calf from these donated items.  What are gold rings? (EXODUS 32:2-4)

Week:  May 10 - 16
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 32:19 - 36:19
Question 1:  Moses was not to do this with the inhabitants of the land which they were going.  What is make a covenant with them? (EXODUS 34:12)
Question 2:  God would pass by and show Moses His glory, but He would not show this.  What is His face? (EXODUS 33:20)
Question 3:  When Moses would leave the Tent of Meeting, this young man would not depart from the Tent.  Who is Joshua? (EXODUS 33:11)
Question 4:  One chore the Israelites could not do in their dwellings on the Sabbath.  What is kindle a fire? (EXODUS 35:3)
Question 5:  Everyone whose heart stirred him and whose spirit moved him did this.  What is contributed to the work of the Tent of Meeting? (EXODUS 35:21)

Week:  May 17 - 23
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 36:20 - 39:43
Question 1:  The number of branches going out of the lampstand.  What is six? (EXODUS 37:18)
Question 2:  The three colors of material used to make the veil of the Tabernacle.  What are blue, purple, and scarlet? (EXODUS 36:35)
Question 3:  The three types of metal used to make all the furnishings for the Tabernacle.  What are gold, silver, and bronze? (EXODUS 38:24-31)
Fact:  If you were to take all the gold, silver, and bronze used to make the Tabernacle furnishings listed in EXODUS 38:24-31, it would come out to approximately $25,655,349 in today’s value!  Today's Value: Gold = $24,566,080, Silver = $1,082,366, Bronze = $6,903, Total = $25,655,349

Week:  May 24 - 30
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 40:1 - LEVITICUS 11:28
Question 1:  The two sons of Aaron who were consumed for offering strange fire.  Who are Nadab and Abihu? (LEVITICUS 10:2)
Question 2:  The eagle, vulture, ostrich, sea gull, and bat just to name a few.  What are birds that are not to be eaten? (LEVITICUS 11:13-19)
Question 3:  The glory of the Lord was upon the Tabernacle by cloud in the day and by this at night.  What is by fire at night? (EXODUS 40:38)
Question 4:  Aaron and his sons could not do this before entering the Tent of Meeting or they would die.  What is drink wine or strong drink? (LEVITICUS 10:9)
Question 5:  This happened on the first day of the first month of the second year.  What is the Tabernacle was erected? (EXODUS 40:17)

Week:  May 31 - June 6
Scripture Reading:  LEVITICUS 11:29 - 14:42
Question 1:  A person with this condition shall live alone outside the camp.  
Question 2:  Male circumcision is performed this many days after birth.  
Question 3:  If a person believes they may have leprosy, they must first be brought before this person.  
Question 4:  Two turtledoves or two young pigeons may be used if this other animal cannot be afforded.  
Question 5:  If an unclean animal falls into one of these, it must be broken.  
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