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      BGCC  |  BIBLE JEOPARDY 2020
Below are our jeopardy questions and answers in 2020.
Book reading order this year: GENESIS; EXODUS.
... Pastor Mike

Week:  December 15 - 21
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 1:1 - 7:24
Question 1:  According to Biblical records, he is the oldest man to have lived.  Who is Methuselah? (GENESIS 5:27)
Question 2:  When God saw all that He had made, it was described as this.  What is very good? (GENESIS 1:31)
Question 3:  When a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, they become this.  What is one flesh? (GENESIS 2:24)
Question 4:  The serpent’s first attempt at deception came in these four words to the woman.  What is “Did God really say?” (GENESIS 3:1)
Question 5:  Everything on this that had the breath of life died in the flood.  What is on dry land? (GENESIS 7:22)

Week:  December 22 - 28
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 8:1 - 14:24
Question 1:  Lot chose to travel eastward and settle in this wicked city.  What is Sodom? (GENESIS 13:12-13)
Question 2:  These were the two relationships between Abram and Sarai.  What were his wife and his half-sister? (GENESIS 12:11,13; 20:12)
Question 3:  The reason the people of Babel wanted to build a tower that reached unto the heavens.  What is so they could make a name for themselves? (GENESIS 11:4)
Question 4:  After the flood, this would be the sign of the covenant that God makes with Noah.  What is a rainbow? (GENESIS 9:13,16)
Question 5:  Once Noah went out of the ark, he built this to the Lord.  What is an altar? (GENESIS 8:20)

Week:  December 29 - January 4
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 15:1 - 21:34
Question 1:  Without a child, this man would be the heir to Abram’s estate.  Who is Eliezer of Damascus? (GENESIS 15:2)
Question 2:  The perverse origin of the Moabites and Ammonites.  What was an immoral relationship between Lot and his daughters? (GENESIS 19:32-38)
Question 3:  The sign of the covenant between God and Abraham and the son through which it passes.  What is circumcision and who is Isaac? (GENESIS 17:10;21)
Question 4:  This king of Gerar took Sarah believing she was the sister of Abraham and not his wife.  Who is Abimelech? (GENESIS 20:2)
Question 5:  He was the firstborn son of Abram, but not by Sarai.  Who is Ishmael? (GENESIS 16:15)

Week:  January 5 - 11
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 22:1 - 25:34
Question 1:  Isaac loved this son while Rebekah loved this other son.  Who are Esau (Isaac) and Jacob (Rebekah)? (GENESIS 25:28)
Question 2:  Abraham sent Eliezer to this city to find a wife for Isaac.  What is Nahor? (GENESIS 24:10)
Question 3:  Isaac noticed the fire and the wood for the burnt offering, but not this third ingredient.  What is the lamb? (GENESIS 22:7)
Question 4:  Abraham negotiated with this man for a place to bury his wife Sarah.  Who is Ephron? (GENESIS 23:8-16)
Question 5:  These two men buried Abraham in the cave of Machpelah.  Who are Isaac and Ishmael? (GENESIS 25:9)

Week:  January 12 - 18
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 26:1 - 29:35
Question 1:  When Esau was 46 years old, he married these two women.  Who is Judith and Basemath? (GENESIS 26:34)
Question 2:  The place where Jacob had a dream about a ladder.  What is Bethel (Luz)? (GENESIS 28:19)
Question 3:  Jacob, through deceit planned by Rebekah, stole this from his brother Esau.  What is his father’s blessing? (GENESIS 27:5-29)
Question 4:  Jacob worked 7 years for Laban so he could marry Rachel, but first ended up with this sister.  Who is Leah? (GENESIS 29:23-25)
Question 5:  Rebekah insisted Jacob go to this place to flee Esau’s death threats.  What is Haran (Rebekah’s homeplace)? (GENESIS 27:43)

Week:  January 19 - 25
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 30:1 - 33:20
Question 1:  Dan, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher.  
Question 2:  The number of men Esau brought with him to meet Jacob.  
Question 3:  Jacob wrestled with the Lord and the Lord changed Jacob’s name to this.  
Question 4:  To conceal the stolen gods, Rachel hid them in this and then did this while Laban searched.  
Question 5:  Before fleeing to Canaan, Rachel stole these from her father.  
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