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      BGCC  |  BIBLE JEOPARDY 2019
In our Sunday services this year we will be taking a learning journey through the New Testament. Every Sunday I will provide Scripture texts for daily reading. Along with that, I will have five "jeopardy" questions in the bulletin which the reader must find the answers to within that daily reading. Then when we reconvene on Sunday, I will give the answers to the jeopardy questions. I will also preach from some passage of Scripture we read that past week. By doing this, I am hoping that we 1) establish daily Bible-reading habits, and 2) learn more of the truths the Scriptures are giving us. Below are our jeopardy questions and answers as we go through 2019.
... Pastor Mike

Week:  December 30 - January 5
Scripture Reading:  2 JOHN, 3 JOHN, MATTHEW 1:1 - 5:37
Question 1:  Before you present your offering at the altar, do this if necessary.  What is first be reconciled to your brother? (MATT 5:24)
Question 2:  Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary.  Who are the five women named in the genealogy of Jesus in MATT 1?
Question 3:  This man did not accept what John said; but this other man received a good testimony.  Who are Diotrephes and Demetrius? (3 JOHN 1:9,12)
Question 4:  This important word is found 5x in the first four verses of 2 JOHN.  What is the word “truth?” (2 JOHN 1:1-4)
Question 5:  John baptized with water. But Jesus will baptize you with these two items.  What are the Holy Spirit and fire? (MATT 3:11)

Week:  January 6 - 12
Scripture Reading:  MATTHEW 5:38 - 10:23
Question 1:  Two wooden objects possibly found in the eyes of those who judge.  What are specks and planks? (MATT 7:3)
Question 2:  While on a boat, the disciples concluded that even these two facets of nature obey Jesus.  What are the winds and the sea? (MATT 8:27)
Question 3:  Do not to be like these people when you give, pray, or fast.  Who are hypocrites? (MATT 6:2,5,16)
Question 4:  The cured leper was to show himself to this person.  Who is the priest? (MATT 8:4)
Question 5:  Two blind men cried out to Jesus calling Him with this messianic title.  What is “Son of David?” (MATT 9:27)

Week:  January 20 - 26
Scripture Reading:  MATTHEW 10:24 - 14:12
Question 1:  The day of judgment will be more tolerable for Sodom than this city.  What is Capernaum? (MATT 11:23)
Question 2:  Jesus spoke in parables to fulfill this prophecy.  What is ISAIAH 6:9,10? (MATT 13:14)
Question 3:  This miracle by Jesus caused the Pharisees to conspire to destroy Him.  What is the healing of a man with a withered hand? (MATT 12:14)
Question 4:  Blaspheming against this Person will not be forgiven.  Who is the Holy Spirit? (MATT 12:31)
Question 5:  Fear Him who is able to destroy these two human attributes in hell.  What is the soul and the body? (MATT 10:28)

Week:  January 27 - February 2
Scripture Reading:  MATTHEW 14:13 - 19:22
Question 1:  To eat bread with these does not defile a man.  What are unwashed hands? (MATT 15:20)
Question 2:  The wind frightened Peter into sinking out of this miracle.  What is walking on water? (MATT 14:30)
Question 3:  The religious leaders could discern the signs of the sky, but not these other signs.  What are the signs of the times? (MATT 16:3)
Question 4:  “Go sell your possessions, give to the poor, and come, follow Me.”  What did Jesus tell the rich ruler to do as a response to what he lacked? (MATT 19:21)
Question 5:  According to Jesus, the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees actually refers to this practice.  What is their teaching? (MATT 16:12)

Week:  February 3 - 9
Scripture Reading:  MATTHEW 19:23 - 23:26
Question 1:  The stone that the builders rejected has become this.  What is the cornerstone? (MATT 21:42)
Question 2:  This Hebrew expression when translated means “save now.”  What is “Hosanna?” (MATT 21:9)
Question 3:  The Sadducees were wrong about marriage because they did not understand these two things.  What are the Scriptures and the power of God? MATT 22:29)
Question 4:  Whoever wishes to become great must first become this.  What is a servant? (MATT 20:26)
Question 5:  The scribes and Pharisees were good at tithing, but neglected these three things.  What is justice, mercy, and faithfulness? (MATT 23:23)

Week:  February 10 - 16
Scripture Reading:  MATTHEW 23:27 - 26:75
Question 1:  For the sake of the elect, this will happen in the great tribulation.  What is their days will be cut short? (MATT 24:22)
Question 2:  This was the sign the betrayer gave in the garden.  What was a kiss? (MATT 26:48)
Question 3:  The chief priests could not put this in the temple treasury since it was the price of blood.  What was the 30 pieces of silver returned by Judas? (MATT 27:6)
Question 4:  Be alert; you do not know these two things about Jesus’ return.  What are the day and the hour? (MATT 25:13)
Question 5:  Jerusalem has killed the prophets; now their house is left in this condition.  What is desolate? (MATT 23:38)

Week:  February 17 - 23
Scripture Reading:  MATTHEW 27:1 - ACTS 3:26
Question 1:  A riot was starting so Pilate did this in front of the crowd.  What is he took water and washed his hands? (MATT 27:24)
Question 2:  This was torn in two the moment Jesus died on the cross.  What is the veil of the temple? (MATT 27:51)
Question 3:  Peter quotes this prophet in his Day of Pentecost sermon.  Who is the prophet Joel? (ACTS 2:16)
Question 4:  The apostles would receive this once the Holy Spirit has come upon them.  What is power? (ACTS 1:8)
Question 5:  We call it the resurrection of Jesus. But the Pharisees claimed this happened instead.  What is the disciples stole the body of Jesus at night? (MATT 28:13)

Week:  February 24 - March 2
Scripture Reading:  ACTS 4:1 - 8:13
Question 1:  This man and wife will never again put the Holy Spirit to the test.  Who are Ananias and Sapphira? (ACTS 5:1-10)
Question 2:  This man gave a great exposition of Hebrew history before he died.  Who is Stephen? (ACTS 7:2-53)
Question 3:  The Sadducees were greatly disturbed because the disciples were proclaiming this.  What is the resurrection from the dead? (ACTS 4:2)
Question 4:  Even this sect of Levites were becoming obedient to the faith.  Who are a great many of the priests? (ACTS 6:7)
Question 5:  At the hands of the apostles, these things were taking place among the people.  What are many signs and wonders? (ACTS 5:12)

Week:  March 3 - 9
Scripture Reading:  ACTS 8:14 - 12:25
Question 1:  This woman was abounding with deeds of kindness and charity.  Who is Tabitha (Dorcas)? (ACTS 9:36)
Question 2:  He thought he could obtain the gift of God with money.  Who is Simon the Sorcerer? (ACTS 8:20)
Question 3:  He was a chosen instrument of God’s to bear God’s name before the Gentiles.  Who is Saul (Paul)? (ACTS 9:15)
Question 4:  An angel leads Peter out of jail and this happens to the soldiers.  What is led away and executed? (ACTS 12:19)
Question 5:  The apostles took exception to Peter because he ate with men with this physical trait.  What is uncircumcised? (ACTS 11:2,3)

Week:  March 10 - 16
Scripture Reading:  ACTS 13:1 - 16:24
Question 1:  Every Gentile who was appointed to eternal life did this.  What is they believed? (ACTS 13:48)
Question 2:  This man’s father was a Greek but his mother was a Jew.  Who is Timothy? (ACTS 16:1)
Question 3:  Paul applied this prophecy to himself because he was a light to the Gentiles.  What is ISAIAH 49:6? (ACTS 13:47)
Question 4:  Things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled and from fornication.  What are the essentials Gentile converts must abstain from? (ACTS 15:29)
Question 5:  Paul and Silas were dragged into the marketplace for doing this.  What is casting out the evil spirit of divination from the slave girl? (ACTS 16:19)

Week:  March 17 - 23
Scripture Reading:  ACTS 16:25 - 20:38
Question 1:  “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”  
Question 2:  The evil spirit recognized Jesus and Paul, but not these guys.  
Question 3:  The people from this city were more noble than the people from Thessalonica.  
Question 4:  Paul stayed with this husband and wife in Corinth because they all performed the same trade.  
Question 5:  In Athens, Paul found an altar inscribed to this god.  
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