Bible Jeopardy Round 2

Week:  December 29 - January 4
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 15:1 - 21:34
Q1:  Without a child, this man would be the heir to Abram’s estate.  Who is Eliezer of Damascus? (GENESIS 15:2)
Q2:  The perverse origin of the Moabites and Ammonites.  What was an immoral relationship between Lot and his daughters? (GENESIS 19:32-38)
Q3:  The sign of the covenant between God and Abraham and the son through which it passes.  What is circumcision and who is Isaac? (GENESIS 17:10;21)
Q4:  This king of Gerar took Sarah believing she was the sister of Abraham and not his wife.  Who is Abimelech? (GENESIS 20:2)
Q5:  He was the firstborn son of Abram, but not by Sarai.  Who is Ishmael? (GENESIS 16:15)

Week:  January 5 - 11
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 22:1 - 25:34
Q1:  Isaac loved this son while Rebekah loved this other son.  Who are Esau (Isaac) and Jacob (Rebekah)? (GENESIS 25:28)
Q2:  Abraham sent Eliezer to this city to find a wife for Isaac.  What is Nahor? (GENESIS 24:10)
Q3:  Isaac noticed the fire and the wood for the burnt offering, but not this third ingredient.  What is the lamb? (GENESIS 22:7)
Q4:  Abraham negotiated with this man for a place to bury his wife Sarah.  Who is Ephron? (GENESIS 23:8-16)
Q5:  These two men buried Abraham in the cave of Machpelah.  Who are Isaac and Ishmael? (GENESIS 25:9)

Week:  January 12 - 18
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 26:1 - 29:35
Q1:  When Esau was 46 years old, he married these two women.  Who is Judith and Basemath? (GENESIS 26:34)
Q2:  The place where Jacob had a dream about a ladder.  What is Bethel (Luz)? (GENESIS 28:19)
Q3:  Jacob, through deceit planned by Rebekah, stole this from his brother Esau.  What is his father’s blessing? (GENESIS 27:5-29)
Q4:  Jacob worked 7 years for Laban so he could marry Rachel, but first ended up with this sister.  Who is Leah? (GENESIS 29:23-25)
Q5:  Rebekah insisted Jacob go to this place to flee Esau’s death threats.  What is Haran (Rebekah’s homeplace)? (GENESIS 27:43)

Week:  January 19 - 25
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 30:1 - 33:20
Q1:  Dan, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher.  Who were the sons of the maids Bilhah and Zilpah? (GENESIS 30:5-13)
Q2:  The number of men Esau brought with him to meet Jacob.  What is 400? (GENESIS 33:1)
Q3:  Jacob wrestled with the Lord and the Lord changed Jacob’s name to this.  What is Israel? (GENESIS 32:28)
Q4:  To conceal the stolen gods, Rachel hid them in this and then did this while Laban searched.  What is a camel’s saddle and then she sat on it? (GENESIS 31:34)
Q5:  Before fleeing to Canaan, Rachel stole these from her father.  What are his household gods? (GENESIS 31:19)

Week:  January 26 - February 1
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 34:1 - 37:36
Q1:  The one brother who did not want Joseph to be killed.  Who is Reuben? (GENESIS 37:21-22)
Q2:  This man raped Dinah then wanted her as his wife.  Who is Shechem? (GENESIS 34:4)
Q3:  The people to whom Joseph’s brothers sold him and the place where he was taken.  Who are Midianite merchants and what is Egypt? (GENESIS 37:28)
Q4:  Sheaves of grain out in the field; the sun and the moon and eleven stars.  What are the subjects of Joseph’s dreams? (GENESIS 37:6-9)
Q5:  The age of Isaac when he breathed his last.  What is 180 years old? (GENESIS 35:28-29)

Week:  February 2 - 8
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 38:1 - 41:57
Q1:  Potiphar left Joseph in charge of everything except this.  What is the food that he ate? (GENESIS 39:6)
Q2:  The percentage exacted during the seven years of abundance.  What is 20% (a fifth)? (GENESIS 41:34)
Q3:  The name of the harlot who turned out to be Judah’s daughter-in-law.  Who is Tamar? (GENESIS 38:6)
Q4:  These two men were servants of the king and while in prison they both had dreams.  Who were the cupbearer and the baker? (GENESIS 40:8)
Q5:  The day the Pharaoh had the baker hanged.  What is Pharaoh’s birthday? (GENESIS 40:20)

Week:  February 9 - 15
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 42:1 - 45:15
Q1:  The Scripture verse when Joseph reveals himself to his brothers.  What is GENESIS 45:2? (GENESIS 45:2)
Q2:  The one brother who did not travel to Egypt with the others.  Who is Benjamin? (GENESIS 42:4)
Q3:  Upon returning home, Joseph had these two items placed in Benjamin’s sack.  What are Joseph’s silver cup and Benjamin’s money? (GENESIS 44:2)
Q4:  When dining at Joseph’s home, the brothers were seated according to this arrangement.  What was according to age? (GENESIS 43:33)
Q5:  The brother who remained in Egypt while the others returned.  Who is Simeon? (GENESIS 42:4)

Week:  February 16 - 22
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 45:16 - 49:18
Q1:  The answer to be given when asked the brothers occupation.  What is keepers of livestock? (GENESIS 46:34)
Q2:  The age of Jacob when he met Pharaoh.  What is 130? (GENESIS 47:9)
Q3:  The number of persons from the house of Jacob who came to Egypt.  What is 70? (GENESIS 46:27)
Q4:  According to Jacob’s blessing, this younger brother will be greater than the older brother.  Who is Ephraim? (GENESIS 48:19)
Q5:  Benjamin received this along with five changes of garments.  What is 300 pieces of silver? (GENESIS 45:22)

Week:  February 23 - 29
Scripture Reading:  GENESIS 49:19 - EXODUS 3:22
Q1:  The occupation of the Hebrew women Shiphrah and Puah.  What is midwife? (EXODUS 1:15)
Q2:  When Moses fled Egypt and the Pharaoh, he went to this land.  What is Midian? (EXODUS 2:15)
Q3:  In the cave of the field of Machpelah before Mamre, which Abraham had bought.  Where was Jacob buried? (GENESIS 50:13)
Q4:  Moses was commanded to do this because where he was standing was holy ground.  What is remove his sandals? (EXODUS 3:5)
Q5:  The new king of Egypt afflicted the Israelites with this.  What is hard labor? (EXODUS 1:11)

Week:  March 1 - 7
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 4:1 - 7:25
Q1:  This was the first of the ten plagues on Egypt.  What is the water of the Nile River turning to blood? (EXODUS 7:20)
Q2:  Moses was God to Pharaoh, and this man would be his prophet.  Who is Aaron? (EXODUS 7:1)
Q3:  Because of Pharaoh’s anger, the Israelites were to make bricks without this provided.  What is straw? (EXODUS 5:7)
Q4:  A staff turns into a snake; Moses’ hand becomes leprous; Nile River water turns to blood.  What were the 3 signs the Lord gave to Moses? (EXODUS 4:1-9)
Q5:  God will harden Pharaoh’s heart so that He may do this.  What is multiply His signs and wonders in Egypt? (EXODUS 7:3)

Week:  March 8 - 14
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 8:1 - 11:10
Q1:  The first plague which did not affect the Israelites in Goshen.  What is the plague of the flies? (EXODUS 8:22)
Q2:  God allowed Pharaoh to remain in order to show this.  What is His power? (EXODUS 9:16)
Q3:  When Moses took soot from a kiln and threw it toward the sky, it introduced this plague.  What is the plague of boils? (EXODUS 9:8-9)
Q4:  Just before this final plague, the Israelites asked their neighbors for articles of silver and gold.  What is the plague of the death of the firstborn? (EXODUS 11:2)
Q5:  The plague was in the land of Egypt for three days.  What is the plague of darkness? (EXODUS 10:22)

Week:  March 15 - 21
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 12:1 - 15:27
Q1:  No person with this physical trait may eat the Passover.  What is uncircumcised? (EXODUS 12:48)
Q2:  In the Exodus, God was this by day and this by night.  What is pillar of cloud (day) and pillar of fire (night)? (EXODUS 13:21)
Q3:  For seven days during the feast of Unleavened Bread, you shall not find this in the house.  What is leaven? (EXODUS 12:19)
Q4:  GENESIS 15:13 prophesied this number of years. The actual number of years was this.  What is 400/430? (EXODUS 12:40)
Q5:  The Passover lamb is to be eaten with these two sides.  What are unleavened bread and bitter herbs? (EXODUS 12:8)

Week:  March 22 - 28

Week:  March 29 - April 4

Week:  April 5 - 11

Week:  April 12 - 18
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 16:1 - 20:17
Q1:  God appeared to the Israelites in fire and smoke on this mountain.  What is Mount Sinai? (EXODUS 19:18)
Q2:  Do not do this for the Lord your God is a jealous God.  What is make an idol for yourself? (EXODUS 20:4-5)
Q3:  The unit of measurement of how much manna per person is to be accumulated daily.  What is an omer? (EXODUS 16:16)
Q4:  These two men held up Moses’ hands while the Israelites battled Amalek.  Who were Aaron and Hur? (EXODUS 17:12)
Q5:  This man gave Moses counsel on how to simplify judging disputes.  Who was Jethro (his father-in-law)? (EXODUS 18:17-23)

Week:  April 19 - 25
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 20:18 - 23:33
Q1:  The penalty for sacrificing to any other god than to the Lord.  What is he shall be utterly destroyed? (EXODUS 22:20)
Q2:  The altar Moses was to make was not to be built with these.  What are cut stones? (EXODUS 20:25)
Q3:  Feast of the Unleavened Bread; Feast of the Harvest; Feast of the Ingathering.  What are the three feasts to be observed yearly to the Lord? (EXODUS 23:14-17)
Q4:  If either of these two groups of people are afflicted, God will hear their cry and respond in anger.  Who are widows and orphans? (EXODUS 22:22-24)
Q5:  It will certainly be a snare to the Israelites if they do this.  What is serve other gods? (EXODUS 23:33)

Week:  April 26 - May 2
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 24:1 - 28:21
Q1:  The Court of the Tabernacle consisted of this many pillars.  What is 56? (EXODUS 27:9-15)
Q2:  A specially-made tabernacle table would display this at all times.  What is the Bread of Presence? (EXODUS 25:30)
Q3:  When Moses and the others went up the mountain, this appeared under the feet of God.  What is a pavement of sapphire? (EXODUS 24:10)
Q4:  Aaron and his sons Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar would all minister as this to God.  What is a priest? (EXODUS 28:1)
Q5:  The Ark of the Covenant would be made of this type of wood.  What is acacia wood? (EXODUS 25:10)

Week:  May 3 - 9
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 28:22 - 32:18
Q1:  Whoever profanes this day will surely be put to death.  What is the Sabbath? (EXODUS 31:14)
Q2:  This item would be hanging from the hem of Aaron’s robe.  What are bells of gold? (EXODUS 28:33)
Q3:  This man was filled with the Spirit of God that he may work in all kinds of craftsmanship.  Who is Bezalel? (EXODUS 31:2-5)
Q4:  The age at which one must begin to give a half-shekel contribution at census time.  What is 20 years of age? (EXODUS 30:14)
Q5:  Aaron fashioned a golden calf from these donated items.  What are gold rings? (EXODUS 32:2-4)

Week:  May 10 - 16
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 32:19 - 36:19
Q1:  Moses was not to do this with the inhabitants of the land which they were going.  What is make a covenant with them? (EXODUS 34:12)
Q2:  God would pass by and show Moses His glory, but He would not show this.  What is His face? (EXODUS 33:20)
Q3:  When Moses would leave the Tent of Meeting, this young man would not depart from the Tent.  Who is Joshua? (EXODUS 33:11)
Q4:  One chore the Israelites could not do in their dwellings on the Sabbath.  What is kindle a fire? (EXODUS 35:3)
Q5:  Everyone whose heart stirred him and whose spirit moved him did this.  What is contributed to the work of the Tent of Meeting? (EXODUS 35:21)

Week:  May 17 - 23
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 36:20 - 39:43
Q1:  The number of branches going out of the lampstand.  What is six? (EXODUS 37:18)
Q2:  The three colors of material used to make the veil of the Tabernacle.  What are blue, purple, and scarlet? (EXODUS 36:35)
Q3:  The three types of metal used to make all the furnishings for the Tabernacle.  What are gold, silver, and bronze? (EXODUS 38:24-31)
Fact:  If you were to take all the gold, silver, and bronze used to make the Tabernacle furnishings listed in EXODUS 38:24-31, it would come out to approximately $25,655,349 in today’s value!  Today's Value: Gold = $24,566,080, Silver = $1,082,366, Bronze = $6,903, Total = $25,655,349

Week:  May 24 - 30
Scripture Reading:  EXODUS 40:1 - LEVITICUS 11:28
Q1:  The two sons of Aaron who were consumed for offering strange fire.  Who are Nadab and Abihu? (LEVITICUS 10:2)
Q2:  The eagle, vulture, ostrich, sea gull, and bat just to name a few.  What are birds that are not to be eaten? (LEVITICUS 11:13-19)
Q3:  The glory of the Lord was upon the Tabernacle by cloud in the day and by this at night.  What is by fire at night? (EXODUS 40:38)
Q4:  Aaron and his sons could not do this before entering the Tent of Meeting or they would die.  What is drink wine or strong drink? (LEVITICUS 10:9)
Q5:  This happened on the first day of the first month of the second year.  What is the Tabernacle was erected? (EXODUS 40:17)

Week:  May 31 - June 6
Scripture Reading:  LEVITICUS 11:29 - 14:42
Q1:  A person with this condition shall live alone outside the camp.  What is leprosy? (LEVITICUS 13:46)
Q2:  Male circumcision is performed this many days after birth.  What is eight? (LEVITICUS 12:3)
Q3:  If a person believes they may have leprosy, they must first be brought before this person.  Who is the priest? (LEVITICUS 13:2)
Q4:  Two turtledoves or two young pigeons may be used if this other animal cannot be afforded.  What is a one-year-old lamb? (LEVITICUS 12:8)
Q5:  If an unclean animal falls into one of these, it must be broken.  What is an earthenware vessel? (LEVITICUS 11:33)

Week:  June 7 - 13
Scripture Reading:  LEVITICUS 14:43 - 18:18
Q1:  The name of the day which occurs on the 10th day of the 7th month.  What is the Day of Atonement? (LEVITICUS 16:29)
Q2:  The life of the flesh is identified by this and is not to be eaten.  What is blood? (LEVITICUS 17:14-16)
Q3:  The Israelites were not to engage in immoral relationships like that of these two nations.  What are Egypt and Canaan? (LEVITICUS 18:3)
Q4:  Two turtledoves or two young pigeons would be given to the priest and he would make these two offerings.  What are a sin and a burnt offering? (LEVITICUS 15:30)
Q5:  The name of the animal sent off into the wilderness as a sin offering.  What is a scapegoat? (LEVITICUS 16:10)

Week:  June 14 - 20
Scripture Reading:  LEVITICUS 18:19 - 22:16
Q1:  The Israelites were not to offer their offspring to this pagan god.  Who is Molech? (LEVITICUS 18:21)
Q2:  This type of offering may not be eaten on the third day.  What is a peace offering? (LEVITICUS 19:5-7)
Q3:  When the Israelites enter the land and plant trees for food, they are not to eat of the fruit until this year.  What is the fifth year? (LEVITICUS 19:23-25)
Q4:  This man shall not take a widow, a divorced woman, or one who is profaned by harlotry as his wife.  What is a priest who is highest among his brothers? (LEVITICUS 21:10-14)
Q5:  The consequence for a man or woman who is a medium or spiritist.  What is stoned to death? (LEVITICUS 20:27)

Week:  June 21 - 27
Scripture Reading:  LEVITICUS 22:17 - 25:55
Q1:  This holy event took place on exactly the tenth day of the seventh month.  What is the Day of Atonement? (LEVITICUS 23:26)
Q2:  This holy event was to be held on the fifteenth day of the seventh month.  What is the Feast of Booths? (LEVITICUS 23:34)
Q3:  This holy event took place in the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at twilight.  What is the Lord’s Passover? (LEVITICUS 23:5)
Q4:  Every seventh day is known as this and is a day of rest and no work shall be done.  What is a Sabbath? (LEVITICUS 23:3)
Q5:  This feast occurs on the day after the Lord’s Passover.  What is the Feast of Unleavened Bread? (LEVITICUS 23:6)

Week:  June 28 - July 4
Scripture Reading:  LEVITICUS 26:1 - NUMBERS 2:17
Q1:  The men were numbered in the census from this age and upward.  What is 20 years old? (NUMBERS 1:3)
Q2:  When a census was taken, this tribe was not included in the count.  Who are the Levites? (NUMBERS 1:47-49)
Q3:  The Lord offers a promise of rains, peace, protection from beasts and the sword if the people do this.  What is if they walk in His statutes and keep His commandments? (LEV 26:3-6)
Q4:  If a man consecrates his house as holy to the Lord, then this person shall value it as either good or bad.  Who is the priest? (LEVITICUS 27:14)
Q5:  LEVITICUS 26:1 is actually repeating this Commandment.  What is the Second Commandment? (EXODUS 20:4-6)

Week:  July 5 - 11
Scripture Reading:  NUMBERS 2:18 - 5:15
Q1:  The skin of this mammal was used to cover the Ark during transporting.  What is porpoise skin? (NUMBERS 4:6)
Q2:  Aaron and his sons would serve the Tent of Meeting in this capacity.  What is in the priesthood? (NUMBERS 3:10)
Q3:  The three tribes of Dan, Asher, and Naphtali camped on this side of the Tent of Meeting.  What is the north side? (NUMBERS 2:25-31)
Q4:  They were responsible for the ark, the table, the lampstand, the altars, and the utensils of the sanctuary.  Who were the Kohathite families? (NUMBERS 3:31)
Q5:  The age of a Levite to work in service to the Tent of Meeting.  What is from 30 to 50? (NUMBERS 4:3,23,30)

Week:  July 12 - 18
Scripture Reading:  NUMBERS 5:16 - 11:15
Q1:  When this occurred, the Israelites would set out to a new camp site.  What is when the cloud over the Tabernacle was lifted? (NUMBERS 9:17)
Q2:  The first observed Passover for the Israelites was held here.  What is in the wilderness of Sinai? (NUMBERS 9:5)
Q3:  The first time the Israelite camp was moved, it went from the wilderness of Sinai to this destination.  What is the wilderness of Paran? (NUMBERS 10:12-13)
Q4:  This vow forbids a man to eat anything that is produced by the grape vine, seeds, or the skin.  What is a Nazarite vow? (NUMBERS 6:2-4)
Q5:  The retirement age for a Levite in service to the Tent of Meeting.  What is 50? (NUMBERS 8:25)

Week:  July 19 - 25
Scripture Reading:  NUMBERS 11:16 - 15:21
Q1:  This man had been Moses’ aide since his youth.  Who is Joshua son of Nun? (NUMBERS 11:28)
Q2:  Igal, Ammiel, and Palti were 3 of 12 men assigned to do this.  What is spy the land of Canaan? (NUMBERS 13:1-16)
Q3:  This happened to Miriam’s body because she had spoken out against Moses.  What is her body become leprous? (NUMBERS 12:10)
Q4:  When Joshua and Caleb gave their spy report, the whole assembly wanted to do this to them.  What is stone them? (NUMBERS 14:31)
Q5:  The fate of the 10 men who gave a bad report to the community.  What is they were struck down and died of a plague? (NUMBERS 14:37)

Week:  July 26 - August 1
Scripture Reading:  NUMBERS 15:22 - 20:8
Q1:  The wilderness in which Miriam died and was buried.  What is the wilderness of Zin? (NUMBERS 20:1)
Q2:  The number of people who died by the plague on account of Korah.  What is 14,700? (NUMBERS 16:49)
Q3:  This tribe received no inheritance but received a tithe from the people as their inheritance.  Who are the Levites? (NUMBERS 18:23-24)
Q4:  This was added to each corner of their garment to remind them to not follow after their own heart and eyes.  What is a tassel with a cord of blue? (NUMBERS 15:38-39)
Q5:  Korah, Dathan, Abiram, and On were seeking this for themselves.  What is the priesthood? (NUMBERS 16:10)

Week:  August 2 - 8
Scripture Reading:  NUMBERS 20:9 - 23:30
Q1:  The angel allowed Balaam to pass, but only if he would do this.  What is he must only speak the words the angel gives him? (NUMBERS 22:35)
Q2:  Moses would not enter the Promised Land because he did this.  What is strike the rock twice? (NUMBERS 20:11-12)
Q3:  The Lord sent these among the grumbling Israelites after they set out from Mount Hor.  What are fiery serpents? (NUMBERS 21:6)
Q4:  Balak of Moab, because he was in great fear of the Israelites, sent for Balaam to do this to them.  What is pronounce a curse on them? (NUMBERS 22:2-6)
Q5:  The house of Israel mourned this long over the death of Aaron.  What is 30 days? (NUMBERS 20:29)

Week:  August 9 - 15
Scripture Reading:  NUMBERS 24:1 - 29:40
Q1:  The plague of Israel was checked after these two people were killed.  Who are Zimri and Cozbi? (NUMBERS 25:14-15)
Q2:  If a man dies and has no sons, the inheritance is given to this person.  Who is his daughter? (NUMBERS 27:8)
Q3:  Instead of cursing Balak’s enemies, Balaam persisted in blessing them this many times.  What is three times? (NUMBERS 24:10)
Q4:  The Lord was angry with Israel because they joined themselves to this pagan entity.  What is Baal of Peor? (NUMBERS 25:3)
Q5:  Moses commissioned this man before Eleazar as his successor.  Who is Joshua? (NUMBERS 27:22-23)

Week:  August 16 - 22
Scripture Reading:  NUMBERS 30:1 - 33:37
Q1:  The three tribes whose inheritance falls to the east of the Jordan River.  Who are Manasseh, Gad, and Reuben? (NUMBERS 32:33)
Q2:  It was at this campsite that the Israelites had no water to drink.  What is Rephidim? (NUMBERS 33:14)
Q3:  Balaam of Beor was killed when the Israelites took the Lord’s vengeance on these people.  Who are the Midianites? (NUMBERS 31:1-8)
Q4:  The number of human beings spared when the Israelites went to war against the Midianites.  What is 32,000? (NUMBERS 31:35)
Q5:  The starting point in Egypt of the Exodus of the Israelites.  What is Rameses? (NUMBERS 33:3)

Week:  August 23 - 29
Scripture Reading:  NUMBERS 33:38 - DEUTERONOMY 1:46
Q1:  The number of cities to be designated as cities of refuge for the manslayer.  What is six? (NUMBERS 35:13)
Q2:  Paltiel, Elizaphan, and Bukki were three of ten men to do this.  What is apportion the land for their tribe? (NUMBERS 34:16-29)
Q3:  If a daughter inherits land because there were no sons, then in marriage they must do this.  What is marry within their own tribe? (NUMBERS 36:6)
Q4:  The inhabitants of the land will become thorns in the side of the Israelites if they don’t do this.  What is if they don’t drive them out? (NUMBERS 33:55)
Q5:  The west border of the Promised Land would be this.  What is the Great (Mediterranean) Sea? (NUMBERS 34:6)

Week:  August 30 - September 5
Scripture Reading:  DEUTERONOMY 2:1 - 5:33
Q1:  The cities of Bezer, Ramoth, and Golan were set apart for this purpose.  What are cities of refuge to the east? (DEUTERONOMY 4:41-43)
Q2:  The names of the two Amorite kings defeated by the Israelites.  Who are Sihon and Og? (DEUTERONOMY 3:1-7)
Q3:  Moses was not to provoke these people to war because the Lord had given their land to the sons of Lot.  Who are the people of Moab? (DEUTERONOMY 2:9)
Q4:  Do this so that your days may be prolonged and that it may go well with you.  What is honor your father and mother? (DEUTERONOMY 5:16)
Q5:  Moses would not cross the Jordan but could view it from this mountain.  What is Mount Pisgah? (DEUTERONOMY 3:27)

Week:  September 6 - 12
Scripture Reading:  DEUTERONOMY 6:1 - 11:17 -
Q1:  Jesus repeats this verse from DEUTERONOMY in MATTHEW 4:7.  What is DEUTERONOMY 6:16? (DEUTERONOMY 6:16)
Q2:  The Israelites were to do this with the graven images of the Canaanite gods.  What is burn them with fire? (DEUTERONOMY 7:25)
Q3:  It was not because of this Israelite quality that God was giving them this good land to possess.  What is their righteousness? (DEUTERONOMY 9:6)
Q4:  If the Israelites were to forget their God and not keep His commands, they may say this in their heart.  What is “My power and the strength of my hand made me this wealth.” (DEUTERONOMY 8:17)
Q5:  The first line of the “Shema” was to be written in these two places.  What is on their doorposts and gates? (DEUTERONOMY 6:9)

Week:  September 13 - 19
Scripture Reading:  DEUTERONOMY 11:18 - 16:22
Q1:  Do this with all the produce from what you sow out of the field every year.  What is tithe (give 10%)? (DEUTERONOMY 14:22)
Q2:  Blessings in the land of promise if the Israelites obey. But this if they don’t.  What is a curse? (DEUTERONOMY 11:26-28)
Q3:  If a prophet or dreamer of dreams counsels rebellion against the Lord, this is to be their fate.  What is they shall be put to death? (DEUTERONOMY 13:5)
Q4:  The Israelites could eat meat but not this because the life of the flesh is in this.  What is the blood? (DEUTERONOMY 12:23)
Q5:  This blinds the eyes of the wise and perverts the words of the righteous.  What is a bribe? (DEUTERONOMY 16:19)

Week:  September 20 - 26
Scripture Reading:  DEUTERONOMY 17:1 - 22:30
Q1:  If an enemy city offers peace, all the inhabitants will become this.  What is forced labor? (DEUTERONOMY 20:10)
Q2:  You shall put these on the four corners of the garment you wear.  What are tassels? (DEUTERONOMY 22:12)
Q3:  Multiply horses, cause the people to return to Egypt, multiply wives, or increase in silver and gold.  What shall the King of Israel not do? (DEUTERONOMY 17:14-17)
Q4:  Idolatry is punishable by death on the testimony of two or three witnesses. This is God’s reason for doing so.  What is to purge the evil from among you? (DEUTERONOMY 17:7)
Q5:  The King shall do this in the presence of the Levitical priests.  What is write for himself a copy of the Law? (DEUTERONOMY 17:18)

Week:  September 27 - October 3
Scripture Reading:  DEUTERONOMY 23:1 - 29:29
Q1:  The things revealed belong to us, but these things belong to the Lord.  What are the secret things? (DEUTERONOMY 29:29)
Q2:  You can charge this to a foreigner but not to a countryman.  What is interest? (DEUTERONOMY 23:19-20)
Q3:  Six tribes would bless the people from this mountain, and six tribes would curse the people from this mountain.  What is blessings from Mt. Gerizim and curses from Mt. Ebal? (DEUT 17:14-17)
Q4:  The Israelites were to blot out the memory of this man because he attacked the faint and weary.  Who is Amalek? (DEUTERONOMY 25:17-19)
Q5:  If a father or a son is put to death, it will be for this reason.  What is for their own sin? (DEUTERONOMY 24:16)

Week:  October 4 - 10
Scripture Reading:  DEUTERONOMY 30:1 - 34:12
Q1:  The Lord set before the Israelites life and prosperity or this other option.  What are death and adversity? (DEUTERONOMY 30:15)
Q2:  In the land of Moab, this would be the last mountain Moses would climb.  What is Mt. Nebo? (DEUTERONOMY 32:49-50)
Q3:  Every seven years at the Feast of Booths this will be done in front of all Israel in their hearing.  What is you shall read the Law? (DEUT 31:11)
Q4:  When Moses blesses the twelve tribes of Israel in DEUT 33, this tribe is never mentioned.  What is the tribe of Simeon? (DEUTERONOMY 33)
Q5:  Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Moab for this amount of time.  What is 30 days? (DEUTERONOMY 34:8)

Week:  October 11 - 17
Scripture Reading:  JOSHUA 1:1 - 7:26
Q1:  This was done to all the Israelite men at Gibeath Haaraloth.  What is circumcision? (JOSHUA 5:2)
Q2:  This occurred once the priests’ feet touched the waters of the Jordan.  What is the waters upstream quit flowing? (JOSHUA 3:15-16)
Q3:  The people were to keep this distance between them and the ark while crossing the Jordan.  What is 2,000 cubits (3,000 feet)? (JOSHUA 3:4)
Q4:  Rahab had taken the two Israelite spies up to the roof and hidden them under this.  What are stalks of flax? (JOSHUA 2:6)
Q5:  In the Battle of Jericho, seven priests each carried this instrument.  What is a trumpet? (JOSHUA 6:4)

Week:  October 18 - 24
Scripture Reading:  JOSHUA 8:1 - 12:24
Q1:  This miracle occurred in the day the Lord delivered up the Amorites.  What is the sun did not go down for a whole day? (JOSHUA 10:12-14)
Q2:  The number of kings Joshua defeated west of the Jordan.  What is 31? (JOSHUA 12:24)
Q3:  In the battle against the five kings, more men died from this than the Israelites killed with the sword.  What are hailstones from the Lord? (JOSHUA 10:11)
Q4:  The inhabitants of Gibeon made a covenant with Joshua but became slaves to do these two tasks.  What are hewers of wood and drawers of water? (JOSHUA 9:23)
Q5:  After the victory at Ai, Joshua built an altar on this mountain.  What is Mount Ebal? (JOSHUA 8:30)

Week:  October 25 - 31
Scripture Reading:  JOSHUA 13:1 - 17:18
Q1:  The Salt Sea, an eastern border for Judah, is better known as this today.  What is the Dead Sea? (JOSHUA 15:5)
Q2:  This city in the hill country became the inheritance for Caleb.  What is Hebron? (JOSHUA 14:14)
Q3:  The tribe of Levi did not receive a land inheritance. But these two sons of Joseph did.  Who are Manasseh and Ephraim? (JOSHUA 14:4)
Q4:  He captured Kiriath-sepher and, as a reward, was given Achsah, Caleb’s daughter as a wife.  Who is Othniel? (JOSHUA 15:17)
Q5:  Judah could not drive out these people who inhabited Jerusalem.  Who are the Jebusites? (JOSHUA 15:63)

Week:  November 1 - 7
Scripture Reading:  JOSHUA 18:1 - 22:20
Q1:  The final division of land was assigned to this tribe and its families.  What is the tribe of Dan? (JOSHUA 19:40)
Q2:  Every one of these from the Lord came to pass.  What are His good promises? (JOSHUA 21:45)
Q3:  The division of land for the seven remaining tribes was determined by this.  What is casting lots? (JOSHUA 18:8-10)
Q4:  The six cities of Kedesh, Shechem, Hebron, Bezer, Ramoth, and Golan were designated as this.  What are sanctuary cities? (JOSHUA 20:7-8)
Q5:  The first place in the Promised Land where the Tent of Meeting was set up.  What is Shiloh? (JOSHUA 18:1)

Week:  November 8 - 14
Scripture Reading:  JOSHUA 22:21 - JUDGES 2:23
Q1:  The age of Joshua, the son of Nun, when he died.  What is 110? (JOSHUA 24:29)
Q2:  The Israelites buried the bones of Joseph at this city.  What is Shechem? (JOSHUA 24:32)
Q3:  The next generation of Israelites abandoned the Lord and served these two false gods.  Who are Baal and Ashtaroth? (JUDGES 2:13)
Q4:  The tribe of Judah, along with this other Israelite tribe, defeated the Canaanites and Perizzites.  What is the tribe of Simeon? (JUDGES 1:3)
Q5:  The Lord raised up these people to save them from their enemies.  What are judges? (JUDGES 2:18)

Week:  November 15 - 21
Scripture Reading:  JUDGES 3:1 - 6:40
Q1:  This left-handed Judge took the sword to the fat king of Moab and killed him.  Who is Ehud? (JUDGES 3:15-22)
Q2:  This woman could do deadly things with tent pegs. Just ask Sisera.  Who is Jael? (JUDGES 4:21)
Q3:  The five governors of the Philistines, the Canaanites, the Sidonians, and the Hivites served this purpose.  What is to test the Israelites? (JUDGES 3:4)
Q4:  The fame of the victory over Jabin’s army would not go to Barak, but to this woman instead.  Who is Deborah? (JUDGES 4:9)
Q5:  This man had the honor of being the first Judge (deliverer) in Israel.  Who is Othniel son of Kenaz? (JUDGES 3:9)

Week:  November 22 - 28
Scripture Reading:  JUDGES 7:1 - 10:18
Q1:  These two men judged Israel for 45 years after the death of Abimelech.  Who were Tola and Jair? (JUDGES 10:1-3)
Q2:  The reason the Lord reduced the number of men in Gideons army.  What is they would become boastful? (JUDGES 7:2)
Q3:  At the strong tower in Thebez, a woman threw one of these on Abimelech and killed him.  What is an upper millstone? (JUDGES 9:53)
Q4:  The number of men who lapped water like dogs and were then chosen for battle against the Midianites.  What is 300? (JUDGES 7:7)
Q5:  All the leaders of Shechem assembled together and made this man king.  Who is Abimelech son of Gideon? (JUDGES 9:6)

Week:  November 29 - December 5
Scripture Reading:  JUDGES 11:1 - 16:14
Q1:  Samson’s father's name and the tribe he was from.  Who is Manoah from the tribe of Dan? (JUDGES 13:2)
Q2:  Samson killed a thousand men with this makeshift weapon.  What is a fresh jawbone of a donkey? (JUDGES 15:15)
Q3:  Jephthah’s brothers drove him out of the house because his mother was this.  What is a prostitute? (JUDGES 11:1-2)
Q4:  An Ephraimite could not cross the Jordan unless he could pronounce this word correctly.  What is “Shibboleth?” (JUDGES 12:6)
Q5:  Samson took honey out of the body of this dead animal.  What is a lion? (JUDGES 14:8)

Week:  December 6 - 12
Scripture Reading:  JUDGES 16:15 - 20:23
Q1:  Samson had taken this vow to God from his mother’s womb.  What is a Nazarite vow? (JUDGES 16:17)
Q2:  This was the god of the Philistines during the time of Samson.  Who is Dagon? (JUDGES 16:23)
Q3:  The silversmith made a carved image and a cast metal image for Micah out of this many pieces of silver.  What is 200 pieces of silver? (JUDGES 17:4)
Q4:  These were the final words of Samson before he brought the house down on the Philistines.  What is “Let me die with the Philistines?” (JUDGES 16:30)
Q5:  Micah assumed prosperity because a Levite became this to him.  What is his personal priest? (JUDGES 17:13)

Week:  December 13 - 19
Scripture Reading:  JUDGES 20:24 - 1 SAMUEL 1:18
Q1:  This woman was King David’s great grandmother.  Who is Ruth? (RUTH 4:17)
Q2:  Mahlon and Chilion took these two Moabite women as their wives.  Who are Orpah and Ruth? (RUTH 1:4)
Q3:  To confirm any matter of redemption or the exchange of land, a man would remove this and give it to another.  What is his sandal? (RUTH 4:7)
Q4:  Every year there is a feast of the Lord at this place, which is on the north side of Bethel.  What is Shiloh? (JUDGES 21:19)
Q5:  Ruth was gleaning in the fields of this man who was from this city.  Who is Boaz from Bethlehem? (RUTH 2:4)

Week:  December 20 - 26
Scripture Reading:  1 SAMUEL 1:19 - 6:21
Q1:  The total number of children birthed by Hannah.  What is six (3 boys / 3 girls)? (1 SAMUEL 2:21)
Q2:  This happened to the men of Ashdod, Gath, and Ekron because of the Ark.  What is they broke out in tumors? (1 SAMUEL 5:6-12)
Q3:  The Lord would judge the house of Eli because Eli knew of his sons’ iniquities yet failed to do this to them.  What is rebuke his sons? (1 SAMUEL 3:13)
Q4:  Phinehas’ wife gave her newborn son this name which means “the glory has departed from Israel.”  What is Ichabod? (1 SAMUEL 4:21)
Q5:  This occurred the same day that Hophni and Phinehas were killed.  What is the Ark was taken by the Philistines? (1 SAMUEL 4:11)

Week:  December 27 - January 2
Scripture Reading:  1 SAMUEL 7:1 - 11:15
Q1:  The city in which the selection of the first king of Israel took place.  What is Mizpah? (1 SAMUEL 10:17)
Q2:  The four cities from which Samuel would judge Israel.  What are Bethel, Gilgal, Mizpah, and Ramah? (1 SAMUEL 7:16-17)
Q3:  Because the sons of Samuel did not walk in the ways of their father, the elders of Israel wanted this.  What is appoint a king over Israel? (1 SAMUEL 8:5)
Q4:  When the people cried out for a king, it wasn’t because they rejected Samuel but for this reason.  What is they rejected God as King? (1 SAMUEL 8:7)
Q5:  This man from this tribe was appointed the first king of Israel.  Who is Saul from the tribe of Benjamin? (1 SAMUEL 9:16)

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