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      Jonah: Man on a Mission
God had a plan for Nineveh. God's plan for Nineveh included Jonah. In Jonah's attempt to do everything humanly possible to escape this mission, he finds out that he can never thwart the plans of a sovereign God. This 9-week expository series is guaranteed to show that there is a part of Jonah in each and every one of us. Click on any link below to listen to a message.
1. HIS COMMISSION -- (JONAH 1:1,2) (2/28/2010) -- The Israelites were God's chosen people. They were to be representatives of God. They would possess the covenant. They would be blessed. They were to be different from the rest of the pagan world. They were to be set apart. And they were to communicate God to the rest of the world. But only one prophet, Jonah, was actually sent by God to a Gentile nation.
2. HIS CONTEMPT -- (JONAH 1:1-3) (3/7/2010) -- Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh. Why? One possible reason was fear. Jonah knew the people of Nineveh were cruel and ruthless. One probable reason was hatred. Jonah did not like the Ninevites. They were Gentiles. One definate reason was jealousy. Jonah was not about to have this uncircumcised, pagan, idolatrous, Gentile city of Nineveh come to repentance. No way.
3. HIS CONSEQUENCE -- (JONAH 1:1-6) (3/14/2010) -- Jonah wanted to find the ship which was going as far away as possible and was willing to pay whatever the fare to flee from the Lord. Jonah's disobedience was a sin against God. That sin resulted in consequences. Jonah's sin (and ours) has consequences and there are rippling effects as a result of those consequences.
4. HIS CONVICTION -- (JONAH 1:7-17) (3/21/2010) -- Jonah would have never been convicted of the truth of his sin had he not been caught by the sailors casting lots. He would have slept all the way to Tarshish had a series of God-ordained circumstances not occurred. But once Jonah is found to be guilty, he does admit his sin and tells the sailors his situation. But does his outward confession match his inward conviction?
5. HIS COVENANT -- (JONAH 2) (3/28/2010) -- Jonah is in the depths of the grave. The currents swirled about him. The waves and breakers swept over him. The engulfing waters threatened him. The seaweed was wrapped around his head. He was sinking. Jonah now finds himself on the doorstep of death. Jonah prays to God. Is Jonah truly a changed man or is he a person in a very difficult situation that will say or promise anything to get out of it?
6. HIS COMPLIANCE -- (JONAH 2:10 - 3:5) (4/11/2010) -- Jonah is complying with God's second command. He does not want to suffer similar consequences again. Please, not another great fish episode! And now he is no longer worried about any obstacles to his mission. Whatever happens happens. He finally realizes God is in control.
7. NINEVEH'S CONVERSION -- (JONAH 3:1-10) (4/18/2010) -- How can I call on one I have not believed in? How can I believe if I don't hear? How I can I hear unless someone preaches? How can someone preach unless they are sent? God sent Jonah. Jonah preached God's message. The Ninevites heard and therefore had the opportunity to believe. The Ninevite believers could now call upon God and repent and be saved.
8. GOD'S COMPASSION -- (JONAH 4:1-11) (4/25/2010) -- Jonah preaches the message God's gives him, it takes him 3 days to deliver that message to the city, and what transpires is the greatest revival in recorded history. This is a preacher's prayer come true! But our friend Jonah does not seem to have that same sense of satisfaction and joy. But then God decides to give Jonah his own little personal taste of compassion.
9. GOD'S CONTROL -- (JONAH 4:5-8) (5/2/2010) -- The Book of JONAH is not about the antics of a spoiled brat prophet named Jonah although we can learn from that. The Book of JONAH is not about the great revival of the evil people in the city of Nineveh although we can learn from that. The Book of JONAH is about giving glory to God. Do we give God glory in His sovereignty, His mercy, His wrath, His compassion, His grace, His love, His justice, His righteousness, His power, His will, His patience, His purpose, His plans, and His creation? Click HERE to view Jonah's journey.
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