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      The Holy Spirit
We know a lot about God the Father. We know more about God the Son (Jesus Christ). How much do we know and understand about God the Holy Spirit, the 3rd person of the Trinity? Does He play a role in the conversion of an unbeliever into a believer? Does he play a part in our walk as a believer? What DOES He do? You really need to know! Click on any link below to listen to a message.
1. WHO IS HE? -- (JOHN 16:12-16) (11/15/2009) -- The Holy Spirit creates and gives life. He appoints and commissions ministers. He directs ministers where to preach. He instructs ministers what to preach. He spoke in and by the prophets. He strives with sinners. He convicts. He comforts. He helps our weaknesses. He teaches. He guides. He sanctifies. He testifies of Christ. He glorifies Christ. He has a power of His own. He searches all things. He can be grieved. He can be resisted. He can be tested. There's more!
2. OUR PROBLEM OF DEPRAVITY -- (EPHESIANS 2:1-3) (11/22/2009) -- An unsaved sinful person (1) Hates the light (2) Doesn't understand the light (3) Won't come into the light (4) Can't submit to the light or even want to submit to the light (5) Can't please the light (6) Turns away from the light (7) Doesn't call on the light (8) Doesn't even seek the light. So how does one get saved? We will never come to a better understanding of the miracle of salvation in a believer's life until we come to the understanding of what we used to be.
3. A CHANGE OF HEART -- (MATTHEW 16:13-17) (11/29/2009) -- A church holds 1,000 people. On one Sunday 900 believers and 100 unbelievers walk into that church. They all sing the same songs. They all hear the same message. They all stay awake and pay attention. 910 people leave the church as believers. What happened to those other 10 people? Listen and find out!
4. BORN AGAIN -- (TITUS 3:3-7) (12/6/2009) -- For a salvation experience to occur, something had to be birthed inside us. And just as we were unable to birth ourselves physically when we came into this world, we are spiritually dead and unable to birth ourselves spiritually. But with a rebirth, what was once dead has now come alive. It is the job of the Holy Spirit to give us that spiritual rebirth.
5. OUR GPS -- (GALATIANS 5:16-18) (1/3/2010) -- The GPS system in my car is telling me where to go at all times. When to turn left. When to turn right. And that GPS has a constant link with the GPS satellites and they communicate the path and the decisions for me so I can correctly arrive at my destination. Likewise the Holy Spirit knows our destination and He is in constant communication with the Father. So the question is are we listening and being obedient to our built-in believer GPS system or do we keep on making it say, "recalculating?"
6. AVOIDING TEMPTATION -- (GALATIANS 5:19-21) (1/10/2010) -- Many believe that a decision made for Christ as some point in time gives that person the liberty to do what they want later on and then claim their iniquities are covered by God's grace. That's cheap grace. The Bible makes it very clear that when our lives and lifestyles are characterized by the acts of the sinful nature, there is a warning-a severe warning. That person will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.
7. FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT -- (GALATIANS 5:22-26) (1/17/2010) -- What is really on the inside (our heart) will eventually reveal itself on the outside (our fruit). It will be good fruit or it will be bad fruit. A true believer will produce good fruit. And the fruit produced in the believer by the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
8. GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT -- (1PETER 4:7-11) (2/14/2010) -- The Holy Spirit gave all of us the right tools in the form of Spiritual gifts to get our job as believers done well for the benefit of each other, the body of believers, and ultimately for the glory of God. When we use our gifts with the right intentions, they will never be a burden.
9. BLASPHEMING THE SPIRIT -- (MARK 3:20-30) (2/21/2010) -- Jesus says that there is a sin that can be committed, that will never be forgiven, and that that sin is eternal. Therefore it is important to see exactly what that offense is. Can I curse Jesus but not the Holy Spirit? Can a Christian commit this sin?
10. INSPIRATION OF THE SPIRIT -- (2PETER 1:16-21) (1/24/2010) -- The Holy Spirit was involved in our salvation. The Holy Spirit is involved in our sanctification. The Holy Spirit is involved in our eternal security. But did you know the Holy Spirit has been behind the scenes preparing all this to happen through His inspiration of God's Word? And there's more! Looks like the Holy Spirit does it all!
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