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      The Glory of God
It's not uncommon to know a Christian who has a desire to give glory to God. But what exactly does that mean? Is there substance behind those words or is it just cliché? Join Pastor Mike as he pursues this wonderful adventure into the true glory of God! Click on any link below to listen to a message.
1. THE BOX -- (EXODUS 33:12-23) (1/9/2011) -- We all have a "box" that we put things in. When we put God in that box we are saying these four truths: 1) I want Him to be exactly what I want Him to be. 2) I want Him to be available only when I want or need Him. 3) I don't want to share Him with anyone. 4) I want Him to do only what I want Him to do. Is that the God of the Bible? Do you have God in your box?
2. GOD'S VIEW -- (EXODUS 20:1-6) (1/16/2011) -- God desires to be glorified and praised. God is worthy of glory and praise. God will not share His glory and praise. These are three statements God says about Himself. It's easier to understand this when we open the box and let Him out and be God.
3. GOD DISPLAYS HIS GLORY -- (EXODUS 16:9-12) (1/23/2011) -- When, where, and how do you see God displaying His glory in your life? You don't have to look very far. God displays His glory in creation. Man is without excuse for not seeing God's glory in creation. Now do you see His glory?
4. STEALING GOD'S GLORY -- (2THESSALONIANS 2:13-15) (1/30/2011) -- God the Father chose you before the creation of the world and then He drew you to Himself. Jesus Christ paid the price for your sins by His death on the cross and paved the way for eternal life by conquering death through His Resurrection. The Holy Spirit convicted you of your sins and gave you a rebirth through His washing and regeneration. You were born again. If you are saved, who gets the glory?
5. THE FEAR OF THE LORD -- (ACTS 9:31) (2/6/2011) -- The Bible tells us in ISAIAH 5:20 that there will be those who call evil good and good evil. Those who put darkness for light and light for darkness. Those who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. What happens when Christians do this? Maybe we have lost the fear of the Lord.
6. GLORY THROUGH WORSHIP -- (JOHN 4:19-24) (2/13/2011) -- It's amazing how some contemporary churches have defined "praise" as the fast music they sing and "worship" as they slow songs they sing. True worship goes far beyond music and singing. True believers will worship God in Spirit and in truth—and in EVERYTHING they do.
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