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      False Teachers
Did you know that just about every book in the New Testament speaks on false teachers as a threat to the church? Well, false teachers continue to be a threat and they are growing in numbers today. Click on any link below to listen to a message.
1. THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM -- (JOHN 8:42-47) (2/1/2009) -- Our battle is not against MAN, but against SATAN. We need to get our adversary right and pray accordingly. Satan's mode of operation is deception. He wants to make you think that something that is truly wrong is actually right. He distorts the Word of God by placing doubt in our minds.
2. SATAN'S 5-STEP PLAN (Part 1) -- (JOHN 10:1-10) (2/8/2009) -- The downfall of the church at Ephesus was they lost their first love. The downfall of the church at Pergamum was they compromised with the world.
3. SATAN'S 5-STEP PLAN (Part 2) -- (JOHN 10:1-10) (2/15/2009) -- The downfall of the church at Thyatira was they taught false doctrine. The downfall of the church at Sardis was they were dead. The downfall of the church at Laodicea was they were a church that wasn't a church.
4. THE INTENTIONS OF FALSE TEACHERS -- (JUDE 1-4) (2/22/2009) -- It's easy for teachers of God's Word to appear righteous in a church environment. But what are they like outside of church? What are they like when they are with their spouse or families? What are they like when they are at work? What are they like when they are away from home at a church seminar? What are they like when they are alone?
5. GOD'S JUDGMENT -- (MARK 11:15-19) (3/8/2009) -- The truth about God is evident. False teachers are without excuse for not understanding the truth. Yet they suppress the truth by their wickedness. Therefore God’s wrath will be revealed.
6. THE BIBLE'S WAY OF DOING CHURCH -- (2TIMOTHY 3:16-4:2) (3/15/2009) -- It appears that many churches and their pastors fail to understand the Biblical answer to these 3 questions: "What is the church?", "What is the mission of a pastor?", and "What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?" You cannot have a true church and do church correctly if the pastor and leadership of the church cannot answer these questions correctly.
7. THE DANGERS OF SEEKER SENSITIVITY -- (2CORINTHIANS 11:1-6;13-15) (3/22/2009) -- The church is the body of true believers. There are unbelievers that attend churches and even unbelievers pastoring churches. But the church is only made up of true believers. When the preacher starts catering to the unbelieving seekers more than the believers, the church is no longer a church. It's a gathering place.
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