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I was born and raised in the Catholic faith. It was all I knew. I was taught it was the only true faith. But how does Catholic doctrine stand up against the truth of Scripture? Is there any common ground between Catholic doctrine and Protestant doctrine? Does Catholic dogma from years past still have credibility today? In this series Pastor Mike shares his heart as one who came out of the Catholic religion into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Click on any link below to listen to a message.
1. THE ATTITUDE -- (MATTHEW 15:1-14) (2/8/2015) -- When you are ingrained in a religious system like I was, you can never see it for what it is until you come out of it and look at it with a new set of eyes and from a different perspective.
2. SIN, CONFESSION, AND FORGIVENESS -- (MARK 2:1-12) (3/8/2015) -- Protestants believe there is no human being alive, either man or woman, who can forgive anyone of their sins. Only God can forgive sins. Even the Teachers of the Law knew this in MARK 2:7. And 1TIMOTHY 2:5 tells us that there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.
3. JUSTIFICATION (PART I) -- (1JOHN 2:3-6) (3/15/2015) -- In the Catholic religion, justification is a 4-step process. Step #1 is that one must be baptized in the Catholic Church to remove the stain of original sin. Step #2 is then be obedient to the commandments of God to further merit within this justification process.
4. JUSTIFICATION (PART II) -- (ROMANS 4:1-8) (3/22/2015) -- In the Catholic religion, justification is a 4-step process. Step #3 is a call to confess that (mortal) sin(s) to place one back in favor with God. And step #4 is a call to perform good works. Catholics traditionally call these works "corporal works of mercy." All four steps are necessary for one to be justified in the eyes of God.
5. THE POPE -- (1PETER 2:4,5) (4/12/2015) -- The pope is called the holy father. The pope is called the head of the church. The pope is called the vicar of Christ. Catholic dogma has set the pope in the place of God; has set the pope in the place of Christ; and has set the pope in the place of the Holy Spirit. But he's just a man, right?
6. ABSOLUTE POWER -- (ROMANS 10:1-4) (4/19/2015) -- The Roman Catholic Church claims these issues about Mary and salvation and Scripture Interpretation and Indulgences are absolute truths. However they are found nowhere in Scripture. The Roman Catholic Church believes they receive and continue to receive divine revelation from God on these issues. Isn't the canon closed?
7. A PERSONAL PLEA -- (MATTHEW 7:21-23) (4/26/2015) -- One day in 1994 I made a decision for Christ. That was the best day of my life! And every human being only gets one chance on the face of this earth to get this right before they die. There are no second chances and there is no purgatory. What have you done with Jesus? Is your trust in a religious system or in a relationship with a Savior?
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