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      Am I Saved?
Being truly saved is more than saying a prayer, signing a card, or walking to the altar. A true believer becomes a new creation in Christ. In this 5-week series Pastor Mike explains the benchmark of what it means to really be saved. Click on any link below to listen to a message.
1. THE TEST (part 1) -- (MATTHEW 7:21-27) (6/14/2009) -- In 2CORINTHIANS 13:5-8 we learn that we need to test or examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith. Do we do the will of the Father? Do we believe in the Son? Do our works demonstrate our belief and faith in Jesus Christ? How do you answer the first 4 questions of the test?
2. THE TEST (part 2) -- (MATTHEW 7:21-27) (6/21/2009) -- There are people who think they are on the right road. They are "professors" of the faith and not "possessors" of the faith. In eternity there will be no excuses. There will be no blame shifting. There will be no second chances. The tragedy of this scenario is that churches are filled with people that qualify for those mentioned in MATTHEW 7:22. They want to enter heaven on their terms and not God's terms. How do you answer the next 4 questions of the test?
3. PERSEVERANCE -- (MATTHEW 7:21-27) (6/28/2009) -- True believers will persevere. Their house is built on the rock. Throw any storm against them and they may bend but they will never break. A true believer will stand in the face of persecution because of the Word. A true believer will not be overcome by the world and all its pleasures and worries. Is your faith rooted in good soil?
4. A DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE -- (JOHN 8:36) (7/5/2009) -- If you are a true believer, if you are one of God's elect, if you are one who's roots are in good soil, if you are one who will persevere to the end, a declaration of independence has been written for you. You have been absolved from all allegiance to the satanic crown. You are no longer under the power and mastery of the evil one. You are no longer a slave to the prince of this world. The hold the devil had on you, he no longer has. You have been declared free!
5. BAPTISM - THE AFFIRMATION -- (ACTS 2:36-41) (7/12/2009) -- So what happens if I get the answers to all the questions right and pass the faith test? One thing you should do is be baptized as a public affirmation of your faith. But make sure it is an act of faith and not just getting wet.
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